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Week in Review – Week of 2010 January 10th – 16th

This was a good week. I’m feeling a little stressed lately since
derby practice is pwn!ing all of my free time, but otherwise things
are going well. The MUX has been crazy busy, with fun RP every time I
log on, and my derby skills continue to improve – I hope to be
WFTDA-ready by this time next month. Between DRAKEFENWICK visiting
Indy and Pandara’s birthday I had great times with my friends and
lovers this week, and tonight I get to go see a derby bout! Good
times. B)

Sunday IceSpark and I slept in late after getting in at 3 AM from a
derby party in Bloomington. We’d planned to go to derby practice, but
we didn’t get up and out of bed in time. Instead we tried out a new
Chinese food place near her called On Time. The food was very good,
especially the egg soup with tomato. After we ate I went home to get
onto the MUX for an event Dean was running.
Lildomino joined me when she got off work, and brought food. After
the MUX event Lildomino and I snuggled up and slept.

Monday Lildomino and I went shopping and then met Pandara for lunch.
When we got back we went through my mail and then I went over to
IceSpark’s to follow up on Sunday’s MUX event. IceSpark and I had
dinner first and then got online. We played through the aftermath of
Sunday’s raid, and furthered events on the human side of the Shattered Glass
. I had great fun role-playing with Dean, IceSpark, and Spike, and
it felt good to get things accomplished on the MUX since I’ve lost a
lot of RP time lately to derby.

Tuesday was another WFTDA testing day. Again, I did a lot better than
I expected, and if I work hard over the next month I might be able to
pass everything when we test again. I did blow the written test since
I didn’t study for it, so after practice IceSpark and I went to
Denny’s and she went over what I missed with me and made sure I
grokked everything I’d missed. When I got back to IceSpark’s I
showered and called Ona_tangent. I haven’t spoken with her in a
while, so it was good to catch up.

Wednesday after work Elbanditorojo and I went to Brbe and ewysiwyg’s
for a game night to celebrate the fact that DRAKEFENWICK was in town
for a few days. Elbanditorojo couldn’t stay out too late, but the
rest of us played a really fun game that was a cross between
Pictionary and the telephone game -- there were lulz all ‘round. When
we got hungry we ventured out to Steak n’ Shake and hung out there
‘til we all needed to go home and sleep. I went to Pandara’s to
snuggle with her until I had to leave for work in the morning.

Thursday work was tense, and Elbanditorojo’s attempts to alleviate
that tension got him in trouble with our manager and his boss,
although it seemed to work out in the end. After work Stsm came over,
and while she wasn’t hungry for food, she did want ice-cream, so we
ventured out to McDonald’s to get her an Oreo McFlurry. Ice-cream in
hand, we snuggled up and watched Mad
far too late into the night. After a bad day at work it
was very nice to see Stsm, who always improves my mood.

Friday I took the day off since it was Pandara’s birthday. Pandara
wasn’t feeling that great, so we spent all day in bed, napping,
snuggling and watching Heroes
and Angel.
When Lildomino got off work, Pandara and I got up and dressed.
Lildomino planned to take Pandara out to the Melting Pot for her
birthday, and I went with to help celebrate. After very yummy fondue
we stopped at Wal-Mart so Pandara could pick up supplies to upgrade
her Mac OS, and we spent the rest of the evening on our computers.
Happy birthday, Pandara! ;)

Today I’m at work, which is pretty standard for a Saturday. Pandara
is spending the evening with salamander42, so I’m probably going to
see the Naptown Roller Girls bout with IceSpark. Work is quiet today
so far, which is pleasant and I hope lasts. Tomorrow Lildomino and I
are spending the evening with Pandara to continue her birthday weekend
snugstravaganza. I’m not sure what we’ll be up to, but knowing us it
will be a low-key and pleasant way to wrap up the weekend.

"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as
the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal
-- Anatole France

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