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Week in Review – Week of December 6th – 12th

Last week was nice. I got to skate again since my ankle healed from Thanksgiving, and I got to spend geek time with my friends and quiet time with my girlfriends. I also chose a derby name at last – Eye-Roll 20s. It combines derby with something about me (role-playing) and is a pun, as I feel all good derby names should (although my new mentor Dexter might disagree). I had some stress when our MUX disappeared for almost a week, but it is back up now so I can relax knowing I didn’t lose six month’s work.

Last Sunday morning lildomino and hotarugirl slept over. I was planning to go to practice, but by the time we were all awake and ready to go there wasn’t time for me to eat, hydrate and digest before practice, so I used that as an excuse to skip it and give my ankle another day to heal. Sunday night elbanditorojo and pandara came over and I ran a session of my old World of Darkness campaign, which was a load of fun. After everyone else went home Hotarugirl and I stayed up for extended RP and a geek talk session.

Derby practice Monday was fun. It was the first time I was back on skates since I sprained my ankle over Thanksgiving, and on my doctor’s advice I wore the brace icespark lent me. Monday’s practice was WFTDA testing, which was a strange time to jump back in (since I’m not ready to pass most of the requirements), but did give me a chance to assess what I could do and set benchmarks for improvement. Monday’s practice was also cool because it was the first time IceSpark has joined me since I started.

IceSpark hasn’t been on skates since the end of her BHRG season, so she took it easy as well, trying out her new skates and then offering advice to me and another new skater. IceSpark watched and encouraged me as I tried everything I dared on my healing ankle, which wound up being just about everything. I’ve fallen behind on some skills (crossovers, knee falls), but other things (one-foot glides, swizzle skating) I can still do, which is nice.

Last Tuesday I had a quiet night with Pandara. She came over to my apartment and the two of us went to Broadripple for Thai food. After we ate we went to my place to cuddle up in bed. Pandara had brought over Dexter to watch, but she was too mopey for Dexter and too blah to make a character for World of Darkness. I lent her the Vampire the Masquerade book to read later, and instead we watched The Big Bang Theory, which did seem to lift her mood.

Last Wednesday it was freezing, so I picked up Lildomino from work and we got dinner at Qdoba’s. We went back to my apartment, and since her laptop is dead I let her use mine to catch up on email while I read Nights of Prophesy. When Lildomino had read all of the Internets we snuggled up and watched House on huhu. We were going to watch Bones as well, but the episode started with extended product placement for Avatar, so we turned it off in disgust and watched The Colbert Report instead.

Thursday night I stayed home to schedule another MUX night, since the MUX was down Monday. Unfortunately, by Thursday we still hadn’t gotten out DB back from, so we MUX exiles met up at temporary refuges until we realized our MUX was still set up at its old location at Its DB was out of date and missing anything we’ve added in the last six months, but it had the basic grid and characters so we were happy. Dean logged on and we all welcomed him back to the MUX and the country.

sydneygb and I rebuild a tiny mirror universe so we could continue the Shattered Glass TP while we waited to get our new DB back. I got to play a stirring scene of Father Cobra welcoming Bludd to Cobra officially, as well as an amusing scene between Evil Growler and Dark Typhoon. For not having our real MUX, I wound up having a very pleasant evening of MUXing after all.

Another nice aspect of Thursday night is that stephaniebcl called to tell me she’d resolved a long-running tension with her best friend, who happens to be the younger sister of an ex-girlfriend of mine. Since Stephaniebcl started dating me, she’s wanted to share her joy with her best friend. Unfortunately, that friend hasn’t wanted to hear it since she’d afraid that Stephaniebcl will get hurt in a similar fashion to my breakup with my ex. However, apparently Stephaniebcl talked it out and reassured her friend for now, and so is free to share her happiness with her BFF again. Good news, indeed.

Friday I was lucky enough to get off work early, so I met up with IceSpark and we went out for dinner and shopping. She was looking for new shelves for her house, but ultimately we were unsuccessful in our quest, although we did find a new holiday ornament, which we get together every year. When we got back to IceSpark’s house I played Zelda music for her and MUXed a bit more before the two of us powered down our laptops and went to bed. We stayed up late watching House before finally going to sleep.

Saturday I had to work, so when I escaped I headed to Lildomino and Pandara’s immediately so we could go to eldari and mishiell’s Poly Meetup holiday party. However, when I got to Lildomino’s, she and Pandara were each asleep in their individual beds. Even after waking, Lildomino didn’t seem up to a large social gathering. The three of us had a quiet dinner instead, and then I went to IceSpark’s to sleep so Lildomino and Pandara could have a night alone. The weekend was quieter than expected, but still very nice.

“Who'd like a cookie?”
-- Julian, Madagascar
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