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This week was a lot of fun, aside from being up and down emotionally. I got to attend the Thigh Scream Social -- a roller derby skills camp – which was a great time. I enjoyed it so much that I think I’m going to join the men’s league here in town as soon as I figure out when and where practices are that won’t conflict with this weekend’s plans or my work schedule. I’d go to the practice with them Sunday, but I’m going to be in Chicago with hotarugirl. B)

Sunday after icespark’s bout she and I slept in as late as we could, and then got up so I could have breakfast before the first day of the Circle City Socialites and Race City Rebels’ Thigh Scream Social. IceSpark watched as the CCS and RCRs warmed us up and taught us day one of our basic derby skills. I was very shaky and wobbly at first, but our coaches were incredibly friendly and supportive, and so I got through the first day just fine. When we got back IceSpark helped me clean my apartment.

Monday IceSpark took off work and we slept in after staying up super-late cleaning out three boxes of crap from my apartment. In the morning we showered and brought an entire cartload of recycling out before heading up to Journey for a yummy meal (even if we wound up eating way too much). At IceSpark’s we got onto the MUX. I got to role-play with Deadline as General Flint, Lt. Bludd as Father Cobra, Optimus Prime as Blaster, and Snoop as Alpha Trion. Geeky fun!

Tuesday I started off in a good mood, but that RAPIDLY deteriorated once I got to work.
That evening was Day 2 of the Thigh Scream Social, where we learned and practiced more skills that I was surprised I could do. After practice IceSpark dropped me off at lildomino’s, and Lildomino and pandara made nachos for dinner. I’d missed V, but we watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report before Pandara went to bed, citing work in the morning. Eventually Lildomino and I went to bed as well, since I had to get up early also.

Wednesday was the last night of the Thigh Scream Social. We practiced falling and whips*, and learned dominance and hitting. I was expecting to be knocked on my ass, but the experienced derby skaters were primarily there to take hits and give feedback. At the end of the last practice we played a few rounds of Queen of the Rink Rank Ruler, which was a lot of fun – it was a last-skater-standing game, and then I *did* get knocked on my ass. We all graduated the derby 101 camp, and were pronounced official derby girls skaters. I definitely look forward to following up and skating again!

Thursday night Lildomino wanted some time to study alone before I came over, so I went to IceSpark’s to give her some snuggles until Lildomino was ready for dinner. When I did go over to Lildomino’s Pandara wasn’t home yet so Lildomino and I enjoyed beef stroganoff. (mmm… meat!) When Pandara came home we watched The Mentalist and ate blueberries in yogurt for dessert. Pandara went to bed early since she had to work early, and since Lildomino had a test in the morning she and I went to bed soon after.

Friday work was busy and annoying, but I got to leave a little early, which made me happy. I went to Pandara’s and played on my laptop while she cleaned her house. When Hotarugirl arrives we plan to go out to dinner with Lildomino and her. Then Pandara and I will either head back to my apartment, or sequester ourselves in Pandara’s room so Lildomino and Hotarugirl can have the night alone. It’s only fair, since I’m kidnapping Hotarugirl the rest of the weekend.

This weekend Hotarugirl and I plan to role-play Saturday when I get off work, and then Sunday the two of us are going up to Chicago. We’re going to spend the night Sunday, and with luck we’ll get to see Keje and his main squeeze while we’re up there, as well as hitting random museums and sex shops. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Hotarugirl this weekend, and excited that she’ll be here soon!

Woot! Hotarugirl’s here! Have a good weekend, all!

*“You know, the whip is the fastest way to gain speed on the track!”
-- 'Hot Tub' Johnny Rocket, Whip It


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Nov. 14th, 2009 03:22 pm (UTC)
I'm not entirely certain that I've ever heard of males participating in roller derby. Cool! Do you wear those really short shorts? ;-)

My daughter LOVES to skate, and has developed quite the fascination with roller derby. Unfortunately, she's a teensy little thing (not short, but so skinny! and fragile!) that we fear most 8-year-olds could toss her out of the rink. She's got plenty of moxie, but no weight to throw around!
Nov. 23rd, 2009 05:42 pm (UTC)
Well, around here at least, men's roller derby is pretty new. Next year will be the first season with our new team. We talked about what to wear for uniforms -- I suggested kilts, but it sounds like we're more likely to go with rugby shorts. B)

Sounds like your daughter might have to wait a few years before she's ready for the full-contact version of the sport, but it's never too early to develop those skating skills! B)
Nov. 23rd, 2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
She's been skating since she was a wee tyke. The owners of her daycare center were also the proprietors of the local skating rink, so they burned the energy off the kids by having them skate every day :-)
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