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Week in Review – October 11th – 17th

Last week I was depressed and stressed most of the time. Losing lemur_lady and ona_tangent as girlfriends in the same week left me very melancholy and withdrawn all month. In Lemur_Lady’s case it’s mostly just a re-definition of the way things have progressed rather than an actual change in the nature of our relationship, but the rational part of my brain hadn’t had much luck of convincing my emotional center of that. Pleasantly, however, actually *seeing* Lemur_Lady this weekend helped things tremendously.

Last Sunday icespark and I slept late after her Saturday roller derby bout. When we did venture out, we got food and then tried to find printer ink for that night’s D&D campaign run by elbanditorojo. We couldn’t find ink, which led to some technical difficulties since we couldn’t print character sheets. We made due until ElBanditorojo’s laptop died, and even then we still got an interesting beginning to ElBanditorojo’s new D&D 4e game. We didn’t get as far as ElBanditorojo planned, but we will play again soon and I’m looking forward to it.

Last Monday I was little depressed. That week was the anniversary of when I first met Juho, who after several years has disappeared into the ether, and of my first kiss with Lemur_Lady, who had recently told me she doesn’t consider herself in a relationship with me anymore. I was mopey and distant all day, but talking with hotarugirl and having dinner with IceSpark cheered me up, especially after I got to role-play with them both on the MUX. I got to spring a surprise for Cawh on the MUX as well, so it ended up being a cool night.

Last Tuesday when I got off work I went to the Poly Meetup. lildomino, pandara, and stephaniebcl were there as well as mishiell and eldari. I sat between LilDomino and a rather funny guy I hadn’t met before who was cracking us up with self-depreciating comments and stories. I hadn’t been to a Poly Meetup in a while, but I had a lot of fun, and it was nice to see Mishiell and StephanieBCl as well as my girlfriends. After the meetup LilDomino, Pandara, and I went back to LilDomino’s to sleep.

Last Wednesday I had a night alone to do laundry, MUX, and pack for my weekend. Pandara considered coming over after her belly dance class, but she decided she was too tired and it was too cold for her to leave the house. Instead I got a lot done on my Shattered Glass TinyPlot on the MUX, and even got some journaling in before bed. I stayed up way too late for someone who had to get up early, but it was good just to enjoy time to myself.

I took Thursday off to get a ton of things done before I left for Minneapolis, but all I really got done was a follow-up checkup with the doctor and a pleasant lunch with LilDomino. Unfortunately I was still depressed, grumpy, and stressed, so after lunch I went back home to hide and pack for the weekend. I read some and then met IceSpark for dinner. She and I picked up season two of The Big Bang Theory and then snuggled to watch it. I stayed up too late again but I very much enjoyed the cuddles and distraction.

Friday morning IceSpark dropped me off at the airport and I flew to Minneapolis. When I arrived Lemur_Lady picked me up and drove me to her new place which she shares with friends. I got to meet her new cat, who is a cute holy terror, and then we nestled together on her love seat and just kissed and hung out. I’d been really insecure since she redefined our (non-)relationship, but cuddling with her and catching up made me feel a lot better. We went out to dinner and then searched for The Big Bang Theory since I forgot to bring my copy. We failed in our mission, and so we watched Fight Club instead.

Saturday Lemur_Lady and I slept late and then ran out for errands. We finally found a copy of The Big Bang Theory, but failed in our attempt to have sushi, going to eat some other cool place that was actually open. When we got back to Lemur_Lady’s she grabbed a shower and then went back out so Lemur_Lady could compete in a drunken spelling bee. It was a lot of fun, and Lemur_Lady won with the word ‘luculent.’ I had a great weekend with Lemur_Lady, and when I returned to Indianapolis Sunday night I felt much better about everything.

"They're just a bunch of pansies."
"Let's go meet the pansies!"
-- Julian, Madagascar
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