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Week in Review – Week of October 4th – October 10th

Last week I moved to an earlier work schedule, which is definitely nicer for social plans. However, the workday is far more annoying because the phones never seem to stop ringing (I’m used to it quieting down after 8 PM). Also, AT&T recently started disallowing personal fans, so now I am dying of heatstroke all day. These factors combined have led me to feeling cranky and hateful through most of my eight-hour day. As a bonus, I’m paid less because it’s a day shift. The only benefit is that after I escape there’s actually time to go do things since Indianapolis isn’t closed.

Last Sunday morning I slept in with LilDomino and then we just had cereal so we could hide out from the world a little longer. When we did venture out we went shopping and then picked up dinner from Yats. We went to LilDomino’s to eat, and I got online to MUX since I had a big plot I was setting up and wouldn’t have time to do it Monday since I going to the movies. I paused long enough to tuck LilDomino into bed, and then got things started on TFU’s Shattered Glass TinyPlot.

Last Monday I started my new shift. I was sleepy and it was frustratingly busy all day, but I was happy to escape at 6 PM instead of 10. I met up with IceSpark after work and we went to see Whip It, which we both enjoyed, cheese and all. After the movie we grabbed some Denny’s and went back to her house. We snuggled on the bed and I popped on the MUX, although I was too tired to do much besides more setup for the TP. IceSpark was very sore from derby boot camp, so I massaged her limbs before we went to sleep.

Last Tuesday after work LilDomino and I went to Max & Erma's for dinner, taking advantage of my earlier shift to go somewhere that’s not 24 hours. We both had super-yummy mozzarella and tomato burgers, and then went back to my apartment for a change. I got on the MUX while LilDomino read entertaining articles from I tried not to get too involved in anything so I could go to bed when LilDomino wanted to, but I did manage to get some things done for the tinyplot.

Work Last Wednesday was extremely irritating. I was overheated all day and it lowered my ability to deal with the non-stop stream of idiots I kept getting on the phone. I had no plans that evening, but IceSpark was suffering from a migraine so I volunteered to take her out to dinner. I treated her to medicinal steak nubbins and got on the MUX at her place to get more done on the plot. When it was time for bed I headed over to LilDomino’s to snuggle Pandara and her since LilDomino was grumpy and I’d been missing Pandara.

Last Thursday when I got off work I met StephanieBCl at my apartment and we went out to A Passage to India (previously called Udupi Café) for delicious Indian vegetarian food. When we got back to my apartment we listened to some Garfunkel and Oates and then snuggled up to watch Mad Men before bed. Mad Men is getting addictive, and so is StephanieBCl, to be honest. I’m avoiding making any more time commitments I can’t keep, but I do love hanging out with StephanieBCl when we both are free.

Friday was incredibly busy at work, but I survived. After work I picked up Pandara and we went to see Zombieland, which was a LOT of fun and highly recommended. After the movie we grabbed food at Chili’s and went back to Pandara’s, where we expected to find LilDomino sleeping. Instead, we beat LilDomino home, and she joined us after a loooong day at work. Pandara was laptopping, so I popped onto the MUX and role-played while being very distracted by LilDomino and Pandara wrestling on Pandara’s bean bag chair. B)

Saturday morning I got some snuggles from Pandara and LilDomino and when went home to meet IceSpark after her hair appointment. The two of us headed down to Bloomington, where IceSpark skated in the BHRG Monster Mash-Up bout on the Monster team, dressed as a Skrull. Once again the teams were perfectly matched, and the game was decided in the last few seconds, with the Zombies winning by 3 points. After the bout IceSpark and I went to Denny’s with Jalyru and my sister, hanging out until the wee hours.

“ Ahhhhh! Nature! It's all over me! Get it off!”

--- Melman the Giraffe, Madagascar
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