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Week in Review – Week of Aug 30th – Sept 5th

Last week was mostly quiet. IceSpark got back from England, so it was good to see her again and spent time with her even when she was crazy-sleepy from jet lag. Pandara moved in with LilDomino, but I had to work during most of the move so all I had to do to help was move a ferret cage. I finally got my yearly STI screening out of the way, and am still happy and healthy (no surprise there). My holiday weekend was pleasantly quiet and relaxing, and I got to spend time with people I never get to see, which always makes me happy. I’m way behind with my correspondence and journaling, which I need to make time to catch up on soon.

Last Sunday morning I got up early to drive down to Bloomington to help the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls film their new movie, 8 Wheels of Death. I got to be a zombie extra, which was a lot of fun – plus, it was nice to see Ewysiwyg and Brbe, and those I know on Jalyru and IceSpark’s derby team (although neither Jalyru nor IceSpark could make it, since Jalyru was moving and IceSpark was in England). After filming was over I headed back to Indy, where I got stuck in post-race traffic and ultimately had to park and walk back to LilDomino’s, still in full zombie makeup. I showered and then made dinner for LilDomino and Pandara. The three of us ate and snuggled on LilDomino’s couch until it got late. We all went to my apartment to sleep, and Pandara and I watched Dexter (LilDomino listened while trying to sleep) before bed.

Last Monday work was sucky and stressful. I did manage to pull my numbers up for August, and my new boss said he considers me a hard worker and all that, which as always good. Monday night when I escaped work I went over to IceSpark’s to see her. She’d just gotten back from England, so she was jetlagged and sleepy, but she did wake up long enough to show me pictures and souvenirs and to tell me a little about her trip. I’d so love to go back to the UK with her, since she’s a British history enthusiast and it would be very cool to go places with someone who was excited to be there. Maybe someday, if I’m ever not broke….

Last Tuesday morning I hung out at IceSpark’s while she teleworked and then headed into my own job. I stayed home to clean up my apartment since Callipsofacto and P37 were going to spend the weekend at my place while they were in Indy. However, I quickly got sucked onto the MUX instead, and spent most of the night role-playing with Coldsnap and our new Slingshot as Typhoon, as well as verbally pwning Air Raid and Dust Devil as Sky Lynx (I almost felt a little bad doing that ;)). I did make time to give my bathroom a quick once-over before I went to bed, as well as get a little laundry done so I had clean jeans for the rest of the week. I wanted to journal as well, but I’d already stayed up far too late so eventually I just shut down my laptop and forced myself to go to sleep.

Last Wednesday I slept until the very last moment before I had to shower and go into work. That night I got together with Pandara, and we went out to the Red Eye Café for dinner before going home to watch Dexter before bed. We’d planned not to stay up late since I had an early appointment in the morning, but Dexter sucked us in. We’d just finished season one recently and almost immediately started up season two. Usually Pandara falls asleep after one episode, but she was strangely awake Wednesday night so we took advantage of it and wound up staying up until 3 or 4 AM. If I didn’t have appointments in the morning we’d have prolly watched Dexter ‘til dawn.

Last Thursday morning I got up early to call Bell Flower to make an appointment for my yearly STI screening and then went back to bed until Callipsofacto and P37 came by to pick up the key to my apartment. Pandara and I showered and headed to my appointment, and afterward we met LilDomino for a quick lunch before I had to go to work. After work I stopped by LilDomino’s to drop off Pandara’s bag and help her carry in her ferret cage, and then went to IceSpark’s where we hung out a little before going to bed early to catch up on more sleep (IceSpark was still jetlagged, and I was exhausted after getting up every two hours all morning for appointments, etc.).

Last Friday morning IceSpark unexpectedly had another telework day, so I hung out with her on her breaks until heading out to meet StephanieBCl for lunch at a tasty Indian buffet. I enjoyed hanging out and catching up with StephanieBCl, and will definitely have to go back to that Indian place again. After work LilDomino made dinner, so I got to enjoy a good meal of mixed veggies, pork roast, and rice. LilDomino, Pandara and I sat around in LilDomino’s living room playing on laptops until first Pandara, and then LilDomino wandered off to bed. Pandara had to get up early, so she went to bed separately in her new bedroom. I finally finished what I was doing and joined LilDomino in bed to sleep.

Saturday I headed down to Louisville to see Laat. When I arrived she showed me her new apartment and then we went up to her building’s balcony to hang out and enjoy the pleasant weather before going to a Kentucky bluegrass festival to see her friends’ band play. We were invited to go to a bar afterward with more of Laat’s friends, but instead we stopped by the store to buy avocados, butter, lime chips, and melons, and spent the evening quietly hanging out eating chips with avocado dip and homemade rice crispie treats. Laat had an insanely hectic week ahead of her, so I was all too happy to just chill with her and watch weird independent films on TV instead of venturing out. Laat conked out before I did, so I just finished watching whatever was on and then turned everything off to sleep.

“I feel like a mile-high, pastrami on rye, on the fly from the deli in the sky!”
-- Alex the Lion, Madagascar
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