Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Tuesday – Work, IceSpark, and LilDomino

Tuesday I decided to embrace the busywork at the office, and let go of
my stress about trying to take calls and handle everything no one else
seems to be doing.  It was so pleasant to just relax and clean up the
database, leaving the ACD to other people unless specifically asked by
my manager to jump in and help.  My boss did appreciate that when he
pointed out my points-per-hour were low for the month, I gave him my
plan for bringing them up instead of a bunch of excuses about there
being no work.  Woot.

However, once the call volume spiked, I had to get back on the phones,
and then it was all downhill from there.  I was slammed with call
after call, and since I’d only had a cup of soup all day, I was
starving.  Eight minutes before my lunch I got an ISDN cut call which
took two hours to resolve.  One thing that did help my mood was a call
from IceSpark, just when I was finally escaping the call from hell.
I’d been missing IceSpark and hadn’t gotten to talk to her recently,
so it was very nice to hear from her.

Unfortunately I won’t have a chance to see IceSpark again until
Monday.  It sounded like she was missing me, and that really made me
with I was with her instead of at work.  By the time I was able to
escape for ‘lunch’, it was 8 PM, and I was ready to eat office
supplies on my desk.  I wound up having to drive to Hardee’s since by
then everything in walking range downtown was closed.  After I got
back I ate during my ‘break’ and didn’t manage to do much more work
for the tiny remainder of the day.

When I did flee work, I went home, where LilDomino was waiting for me
in my apartment.  I’d left LilDomino my key so she could use my hot
tub after her pilates class.. Instead, when I got there she was
putting together media shelves she’d bought for me to help me organize
my apartment.  I cleaned off the shelves I already had in my room, and
moved all the books off the floor that had stacked up over time.  I
vacuumed by bedroom, and by that time LilDomino had finished putting
together the second shelf.

We took a break to run out and get me a snack and LilDomino caffeine.
When we got back, we moved my old shelves into my closet, and moved my
low dresser under the window in my bedroom.  We then set up the media
shelves and put all the the CDs and DVDs collected around my room up
and out of the way.  We then cleaned off my bed, putting my books in
the closet and gathering a garbage bag’s worth of old mail and
paperwork that could be thrown away in the morning.

By the time we were done, we had my room looking rather nice, and
LilDomino even found the remote for my TV, which will be useful for
volume changes while snuggling.  I put clean sheets on my bed and we
showered off the dust we’d collected, finally getting to sleep around
6 AM.  This morning we trucked down a cartload of cardboard to recycle
and old electronics to donate, freeing up even more space in my
apartment.  LilDomino and I were hoping to go for breakfast together,
but we slept too late and I had to go to work.

I’m very lucky to have such sweet and supportive people in my life.
Now if only my worklife could be as nice as my home life…

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