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Week in Review – Week Ending July 18

Last week was rather interesting. I got to hang out with IceSpark’s family, which is out of the ordinary. I got stuck on a massive project at work for three days; that was stressful at first but not as bad once the people working on it with me and I got used to what we were doing. Stephaniebcl stayed over at my apartment Wednesday night and we had a lot of fun. And of course I got to spend time with IceSpark, Pandara and LilDomino, who I love to pieces. Plus, this weekend I get to see HotaruGirl and role-play! Woot! Happy times. B)

Last Sunday IceSpark and I got up and went with her family to the Children’s Museum for the King Tut exhibit. It was different enough from the one we saw in Chicago to be well worth the trip. After we got out of King Tut we spent some time exploring the rest of the museum. When we got tired and hungry we left to go out to eat and then back to IceSpark’s to light fireworks and play Guitar Hero and SingStar on my PlayStation. It was a enjoyable day, especially with IceSpark’s sister-in-law’s infectious enthusiasm.

Last Monday morning I went out to eat with IceSpark’s family and then had to go into work. I got stuck on an all-evening project that started slow but got more and more hectic as the night went on. By the time I left work I was strained and stressed, and the unrelated stirring up of previously unresolved relationship angst didn’t help. When I got to IceSpark’s it was quiet, and so I stayed up most of the night playing on my laptop while IceSpark and her parents slept. This peaceful interlude was excellent for recharging my mood.

When IceSpark’s parents left for their flight in the morning I said my good-byes and went to bed, waking only for breakfast when IceSpark got back and lunch later. At work I continued the project I’d started Monday, but actually finished on time, unlike the day before. After work Pandara came over and brought me food since I’m poor. We ate and spent the rest of the evening nestled in bed. I had a good time hanging out with her, but after she went to sleep I lay awake for hours fretting over things I can’t change, so I didn’t rest well.

Wednesday morning Pandara and I got up early enough to grab breakfast at Au Bon Pain. That night Stephaniebcl came over for snuggles and DVD- watching. We poked through my collection and settled on The Venture Bros. However, once we cuddled up to hug and chat, the TV was forgotten and we talked about our weekends, roller derby, and Guitar Hero. We never did get around to watching Venture Bros before it got too late and we fell asleep.

Thursday work was quiet after three days of special project hell, so I managed to maintain my good mood throughout the day, in spite of finding out I only got half a paycheck (never did find out what caused that). After work I packed for the weekend and then headed over to LilDomino’s. She met me at her house when she got off work, and headed back to her bedroom to play on our laptops while she ate ice cream. We lay on the bed, talking and playing on the Internet until it was time to cuddle and sleep.

Friday night I went over to Elbanditorojo’s so he could show me the new game he’s been raving about, Dead Space. The survival horror game is very atmospheric and immersive, especially with Elbanditorojo’s big-screen TV and surround sound. Elbanditorojo and Jobe offered to let me play, but I suck at console games, so after a few minutes of having my character run into walls while attempting to flee from monsters I handed the controller back and just watched them play, which was much more fun.

Saturday morning I got a good amount of sleep at IceSpark’s and then woke to drove down to Evansville to see HotaruGirl. When I arrived we packed up food-makin’s and headed to Callipsofacto and P37’s house, where HotaruGirl made dinner for all of us. After eating the four of us went out to see Public Enemies and then HotaruGirl and I retired to her apartment to snuggle and watch funny videos on YouTube. Sunday we got to cuddle and role-play, and the entire weekend was very nice. Today I’m back at work, but somehow my good mood has continued to endure.

“Well, this sucks!”
-- Skipper the Penguin, upon arriving at Antarctica, Madagascar
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