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Week in Review – Week Ending June 13th

This has been a great week. My birthday weekend was wonderful (besides some drama flare-ups that seem to have been mostly resolved), and since then I have had a pretty quiet week to recover. I’ve had some excellent quality time with my lovers, and even got in some time alone on Thursday. I didn’t get a lot of journaling time, but everything else was fantastic.

Sunday morning LilDomino, HotaruGirl, Pandara and I slept in before venturing out to Perkins for breakfast. We stopped by LilDomino’s to grab something and then headed back to my apartment for a birthday game night. We had a full house for gaming, and played Apples to Apples, Flux, and Killer Bunnies. It was great to see everyone, and it was a fun, chaotic end to my birthday week.

Monday morning LilDomino, HotaruGirl, and I went to get the washer and dryer LilDomino had gotten me a few months ago that until now had been sitting in her garage. When we got the appliances here, Salamander42 and Pandara came over to help, taking my old washer and dryer for their use since my appliances still work pretty well. After work I hung out with IceSpark and enjoyed some quiet time alone with her before we went to bed.

Tuesday I slept ten hours and still woke up tired. After some snuggles with IceSpark, I finally tore myself out of bed and headed to work. After work I headed to LilDomino’s, and we cuddled, hung out, and talked about the weekend. We’d all had some fun times this past weekend, but there was some stress as well, most of which worked out OK.

Wednesday morning LilDomino and I slept almost twelve hours before finally bumbling up towards wakefulness. After work I went to Pandara’s apartment. She’d made me dinner, which was simple but very yummy. After dinner we went back to my apartment, but by that time it was very late and she was very sleepy, so we decided to skip entertainment and just cuddle and talk before sleeping.

Thursday night I had plans with Lima, but her basement flooded and she was exhausted from clean-up so we decided to reschedule for another night. That gave me an evening alone, which was nice because by that point I was severely peopled out. I set up my new washer and dryer (thanks again, LilDomino!) and got some laundry done while I checked my two million birthday messages. Thanks, everyone!

Friday after work I went to IceSpark’s house to MUX and sleep. My MUX night was very productive – I had a great time roleplaying with Spike as first his dad Sparkplug and then his brother Buster, and then on the Joe/Cobra side I wrapped up a plot with Ace and Mara v. The Baroness and Vypra. Both of my characters got their asses kicked in a very entertaining fashion. IceSpark said she’d probably pass out early, but wound up staying up with me until I was ready to go to bed.

Saturday morning IceSpark and I got up and headed down to Evansville for a derby bout. Her league, the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls, was playing one of Evansville’s leagues, the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana. While IceSpark was getting ready I went out to dinner with HotaruGirl, and then HotaruGirl and I joined IceSpark, Jalyru, and my sister at Swonder Ice Rink for the bout.

The BHRG Flatliners beat the first ROSI squad, but ROSI’s second squad managed to beat Jalyru and IceSpark’s team, the Code Blue Assassins. Nonetheless, it was an entertaining bout, and afterward we all went to an afterparty at Bullock’s and then wound up at Denny’s late into the night. All in all it was an excellent weekend.

"The fact that the United States can spend $300 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but cannot find a relative pittance to rescue the human condition in Africa -- there is something profoundly out of whack about that." -- Stephen Lewis, the secretary-general's special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa

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