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Week in Review – Week Ending June 20th

This has been a pretty nice week, although concerns about my long-term
health have preoccupied my mind (that, and a strong desire to
role-play since my post-birthday game night). I had a rare week where
I got off work before 10 PM, so I took advantage of that fact the best
I could with no money whatsoever. I got to MUX, visit Laat, attend a
hafla, and spent time with friends and lovers, so I’ll chalk this week
up as a win.

Sunday IceSpark and I called for a late check-out and then headed to
my mother’s to have brunch with her and my sister CMHusted. After
we ate, CMHusted and Mom asked me if I could help them change the tire on Mom’s Malibu – something I was glad to do, until I found out
when we arrived at a junkyard that they didn’t actually have a tire
yet. We spent two hours baking in 100+ degrees sun until IceSpark found something that might work.

Escaping at last, IceSpark and I stopped in Terre Haute to grab dinner, and then finally made it back to Indy. I went over to
LilDomino’s, where she was spending the weekend with Pandara. We
snuggled Pandara on the couch before driving her home. We returned to
LilDomino’s and hid in her bedroom to watch The Colbert Report and NCIS until late in to the early morning.

Monday I went over to IceSpark’s to MUX. Two of our admin returned
recently from hiatus, and it is wonderful to have them back. The MUX
has undergone a mini-revival, and I’m trying to get online as often as
possible (which still isn’t that often, alas) to take advantage of
that fact. We have a new Megatron, so I got a
chance to role-play with him as both as my shy data-analyst character Floodlight and my brave warrior Valour.

I also got to carry on some RP I’d started Friday with Spike, continuing Buster’s birthday celebration with his brother. I followed up on Friday’s RP as Ace as well, role-playing out his guilt and recovery with Mara after his disastrous run-in with the Baroness and Vypra in Australia. I
had a lot of fun with everyone and look forward to the next event scheduled Monday.

Tuesday I felt internal pressure to find time to hang out with people
not available during my normal until-10:15-PM schedule, since this week I left work at 6:15. However, none of the most-hard-to-schedule
people got back to me, and I was really feeling peopled-out, so I
decided to be selfish and took the night alone. I stayed up way too
late and got caught up on a tiny fraction of my email, journaling, and laundry.

Wednesday after work I headed down to Louisville to visit Laat. She
took me out to dinner since I’m poor, and I had a Hot Brown since I
was in Louisville and hadn’t had one as far as I could recall. It
wasn’t quite as good as it sounded, but it was still quite yummy.

After dinner we relaxed and hung out until Laat’s waitress friend came
in to work. After hellos and hanging out with her a bit Laat and I
went back to Laat’s apartment.

Since Laat was sleepy and her DVD player wasn’t working, we elected to
just go to bed and snuggle and talk until we fell asleep. She
apologized for being a “bad host” but really I’m very happy that we’ve
gotten to the point were we can just hang out without having to be “on.” We used to only see each other once a year or less, so we had
to cram a lot of visiting until each get-together. Now that she lives
so close we can just get together and relax, which is a lot less
stressful for me.

Thursday morning I got up early to drive back to Indy in time for my
shift, and since I avoided bad weather and traffic I actually arrived early to the office and got to talk with IceSpark and Ona_Tangent on
the way. At work they sent a lot of people home early on e-time, so
once again it seemed that our little group was stuck taking all the
calls. This stressed me out quite a bit, and I could *feel* my blood
pressure rising call after call.

This got me thinking about my health and what I need to do more specifically than just “eat better and exercise more.” I solicited
ideas online, and since I had some time before Pandara got off work,
started thinking about how and when I could put better lifestyle choices into effect. I picked up Pandara from work and we had dinner
before returning to my apartment so I could massage her sore muscles
before we snuggled and slept.

Friday work was insanely busy and I barely made it through the day,
especially since I was trying not to gorge myself with caffeine (limiting stimulants sucks!). When I got home I had some time before
Pandara got off work, so I turned on my laptop to check blogs and
email before dinner. I lay down “just for a minute” while my computer
booted up, and wound up sleeping until LilDomino called to say she was
nearly here.

I stumbled downstairs to meet LilDomino and together we went to pick
up Pandara from work. We brought Pandara home to change into belly-dancing gear and then the three of us drove to Zionsville for
dinner at Zorba’s Greek restaurant. il Troubadore was playing entertaining music that Pandara and her friends danced to as a
pleasant compliment to the yummy food. After dinner we went back to
Salamander42 and Pandara’s so she could tend to her pets before going
away for the weekend, and then LilDomino, Pandara and I returned to my
apartment to swim, hot lukewarm tub, and sleep.

Today when I get off work I’m driving to St. Louis to see Ona_Tangent and Scottak. I wanted to go to the Circle City Socialites bout with
IceSpark, but I haven’t seen Ona_Tangent in ages, so I decided to skip
it this time so I don’t arrive in Missouri too late.
Unfortunately I
work Monday so it will have to be a lightning visit, but I always enjoy time with Ona_Tangent and Scottak so I’m sure the trip will be
well worth it.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

“when your love lets you go you only want love more
even when love wasn't what you were looking for”
-- Tegan & Sara, “Speak Slow”

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