Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Week in Review – Week Ending April 18

Last week was very nice. I got to start the week spending time with
Lemur_Lady in Minneapolis, and after I got back to Indy I had a
pleasantly quiet week with IceSpark, LilDomino, and Pandara. I ended
the week going to see a roller derby bout with IceSpark, and hanging
out with not only LilDomino but also Asca, whom I’ve actually gotten
to see almost once a month this year (after a long stretch of about
once a year, tops). I’ve gotten to talk with HotaruGirl a lot on the
phone and over text, and she’ll be coming to visit this coming
weekend, which will be great. Unfortunately Mishiell got sick this
weekend, so I didn’t get to hang out with her, but I’m hoping she’ll
feel better soon so we can reschedule.

Last Sunday was Lemur_Lady’s birthday, so I was up for whatever
Lemur_Lady wanted to do while I was there. Her first request was for
me to go with her to IKEA, so we ventured out to the land of oak and
some pine and a handful of Norsemen so Lemur_Lady could size up new
storage space for her ever-growing yarn stash. Sunday night we had a
yummy sushi dinner with Lemur_Lady’s local boyfriend and his wife,
both of whom seemed very cool. Lemur_Lady seems to have a preference
for long-haired geeky guys – who knew? B) That night we snuggled on
the couch and watched Futurama
while she spun yarn, before going to bed to cuddle and sleep.

Last Monday Lemur_Lady and I had breakfast and then went to the bank
so she could open an IRA -- she figured since she was 30 now she
should do something responsible. We went to a bookstore so Lemur_Lady
could sell some used books and so she and I could conform to our
traditional “sushi and bookstore” weekend. >B) We went back to
Lemur_Lady’s for a shower and a nap, and then had to leave so she
could bring me to the airport. The trip back was a little sad but
uneventful. IceSpark picked me up when I got back to Indy, and made me
dinner before we snuggled in bed to watch Dollhouse. Lemur_Lady
was actually in Bloomington this past weekend, but she was busy with
her family so I didn’t get to see her again. We might meet in Chicago
in July.

Tuesday I went to LilDomino’s after work, bringing food from the
crowned ruler of burgers. LilDomino and I watched The Daily
and The Colbert Report, mystified at why, if NASA
wasn’t going to name a node after Colbert because they "… typically
name U.S. space station hardware after living people
,” they named
it Tranquility instead of Serenity, which I believe had won the online
poll. Why have a poll and then ignore the results, aside from
publicity? I thought we’d wind up staying up late playing on our
laptops as we usually do, but LilDomino suddenly announced she was
going to bed, so I shut down and followed.

Wednesday night after work I ran home to grab a shower and then went
over to Salamander42 and Pandara’s to pick up Pandara. I’d expected
another quiet night in like last week, but when I got there Pandara
suggested we could go to the club, which we’d been planning for a
while but hadn’t done yet. I was still a little stressed from work,
but I told Pandara if she wanted to go the club I would be up for it.
Pandara and I headed to the Red Eye for a late dinner. While eating
and enjoying Pandara’s company my nerves gradually settled, and by the
time we were done eating I was more calm and ready for a social
outing, so we went to the club at last and had a good time.

Thursday morning Pandara and I managed to drag ourselves out of bed
early enough to have Le Peep before I had to drop her off at work.
Work for me was busy at first since they’d sent everyone else home
with e-time and left no one else to answer the phones, but in the
evening it quieted down, which was more pleasant. Thursday evening I
avoided siren songs of snuggles with LilDomino to have a night to
myself to catch up on journaling and laundry, and just to recharge my
social batteries. I watched a little Family Guy on Hulu, and
went back through some of my old journals, reminiscing on the past. I
stayed up way too late, but it was worth it just to have some rare
downtime alone in my apartment.

Friday work was another crazy-busy day for the first four hours and
then quiet the rest of my shift. When I got off work I met LilDomino
at the Chinese buffet. She had just gotten a surprise scholarship, so
she bought me dinner since I’m saving money in case we still strike.
After we ate we went back to LilDomino’s and played on our laptops
until LilDomino was sleepy, which wasn’t long. Unfortunately,
although the food at the buffet was very yummy, it wound up making me
feel a little sick for the rest of the night. I thought about
watching The Colbert Report on Hulu before bed, but ultimately
I wound up just joining LilDomino in sleep.

Saturday morning LilDomino and I stayed in bed as long as possible,
until LilDomino’s hunger nearly caused her to resort to cannibalism. I
grabbed a shower and then ran out to Denny’s, dropping food off at
IceSpark’s on the way. Back at LilDomino’s, LilDomino and I ate,
watched Bones, and played in the Internet before I headed back
over to IceSpark’s. IceSpark and I went out to dinner and then to the
Circle City Socialites bout. IceSpark was extremely cute in how
excited she was about seeing CCS play again, and indeed they have
improved tremendously since we saw them last in Evansville just a
month ago. After the bout IceSpark and I went back to her house and
stayed up way too late figuring out what events we wanted to sign up
for the next day when Gen Con registration opened.

Sunday I registered for Gen Con and then went home to meet Asca. We
went out to eat, and then hung out at my apartment talking about
music, role-playing, and how cute IceSpark is. Usually when I hang
out with Asca it’s just a quick hello before she has to head home
before her kid gets off school, so it was good to have more time to
talk and relax. Tonight I’m staying home for MUX night, and hope to
get a chance to meet up online with SydneyGB and maybe work something
out for next week, when I’ll actually be able to get online when other
people are awake, since I’ll be working from two to ten-thirty AM, and
be a free (if zombie-like) the rest of the day.

"President Bush has chosen scientist Michael Griffin to be the new
NASA administrator and he has ordered him to save the Hubble telescope
and build a new manned space vehicle. It's kind of ironic isn't it?
George Bush telling a rocket scientist what to do."
--Jay Leno

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