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Week in Review: March 01 – March 07

This week has been really rough for a lot of people I know. So many friends have lost people close to them this month that I’m ready to join Ona_Tangent in demanding to the Powers that Be: ENOUGH. I’m concerned about a couple of my relationships, but really, it’s hard to complain when so many people around me are dealing with so much worse.

Last weekend was good, but between a potential break with Cassiopia, TransplantMom’s daughter Jennie Sutton dying, and Alanka’s friend Jest’s baby being born, my emotional state was way up and down. I spent Sunday hiding out with Cassiopia and watching Dollhouse and Sex and Breakfast. We had lunch and dinner delivered, so I barely left the bed all day except to shower. It was a good way to hibernate and spend time with Cassiopia while I have the chance.

Monday morning I drove back to Indy and got to work early. The events of the weekend started to sink in, and my good hanging-out-with-Cassiopia mood started to fade. After work I went to IceSpark’s. She’d cooked me yummy Slither-beast, and after I ate we decided to skip MUXing since I get there so late on this shift that most people wouldn’t still be online. Instead we went to bed to snuggle and watch Bones. I called Ona_Tangent before I went to sleep, and talked to her until she needed to get off the phone to call ScottAK.

Tuesday night I got together with LilDomino. I got off work early since they had no more work for us, so I went to LilDomino’s house to wait for her. When she escaped the lab we went out to Wendy’s to grab late-night food and then ate and played on our laptops until it was time for LilDomino to go to bed. I’d snuggled with her under her electric blanket while I typed, but once she was ready to actually sleep I set the computer aside so I could cuddle her while we slept.

Wednesday evening I had a night to myself. I talked to HotaruGirl after work and then called Pandara so I could make plans for Thursday. I got to talk to Ona_Tangent on the phone again for a while and then talked to IceSpark. HotaruGirl called back, so I got to talk to her at the end of her evening as well. I was hoping to get some journaling done, but I was depressed and by the time I got off the phone I was also tired. I watched Family Guy on Hulu and poked around the Internets until I gave up and went to sleep.

Thursday I went to see Watchmen with Salamander42 and Pandara. I love the comic, but hadn’t read it in a while, so there were still a few surprises in terms of small things I’d forgotten and changes they’d made to the story. As a fan I can say I approve of the slight change they made to the ending – if anything, it keeps the spirit of the original while increasing the emotional impact and making things even more personal. I enjoyed the movie and it was well worth staying up until 3 AM to see it, especially with Salamander42 and Pandara along.

Friday morning I went to see Dr. Moretto for a check-up and to establish him as a new family doctor, something I haven’t had in years. Doc said everything looked good, but took fluids to check for cholesterol, etc. I was feeling down since Mishiell cancelled on me because she had to work mandatory overtime, so after work I hid out for an hour and then went over to LilDomino’s to hang out with her while she ran around in a cleaning frenzy.

Saturday I’d planned to go visit Jeso, who has recently moved back to Indiana from Texas, but I rescheduled with Jeso to have a chance to go down to Evansville with IceSpark to see the Circle City Socialites in their first interleague bout against the Demolition City Roller Derby Destruction Dames. It was great to get to see CCS play, even if they did wind up getting pwn3d this time out. We also got to see a rematch between the DCRD Dynamite Dolls and the NEO Rock’n’Rollers, which ended in an exciting last-second finish of Dynamite Dolls 100 NEO R’n'R 102.

Sunday morning LilDomino’s dad called her and told her that her grandmother, who LilDomino is very close to, was doing very badly health-wise and might not make it through the day. I cancelled my plans with Jeso again and went over to spend the day with LilDomino and keep her company. She took a long nap, and then we went to have dinner with IceSpark. After dinner LilDomino talked to her parents and HotaruGirl, and soon we will probably go to sleep.

"I repeat: personal accounts do not permanently fix the solution."
—President Bush, at a press conference March 16, 2005

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