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Week in Review – 2009 February 28th

This week got really awful really quickly, but improved again once I
somewhat worked things out again with mishiell.  I’m still
not thrilled at where the two of are in our relationship, but at least
as long as she’s willing to work with me to try to get us back to
where we were before things went to hell, I can try to look forward to
having a nice bond with her once more sometime in the future.

Sunday I had a nice day off.  I slept late and then worked on
post-game night email and note-taking.  In the evening I went over to
lildomino’s.  We got Fazoli’s for dinner (surprise,
surprise) and played on our laptops until Lildomino had to go to bed.
She’s assumed since I’d slept in I’d want to stay up late, but instead
I decided to shut down and join her.  Even though she was sleepy, we
stayed up for over an hour cuddling and talking.

Monday I had off work so I went to see Asca in the morning before she
had to pick up her kid from the bus. When icespark got off
work, she and I had dinner.  After supper I called ona_tangent to catch up on how things have been going with her.
IceSpark and I planned to play console games after House, but I
got upsetting email from Mishiell which I couldn’t get resolved until
Tuesday, so that rather ruined my night.

Tuesday night Mishiell came over and we finally got to talk things
out.  She decided to take a break in our relationship so she can
rebalance her life after the chaos of moving in with eldari
and his son.  The intention is that she and I are going to work on
rebuilding our own foundation as well.  Until we work things out,
she’s not going to sleep over any more, although we will continue to
hang out regularly.

Wednesday night I picked pandara up from her belly dance class and we went out for a very yummy dinner.  After we ate we saw
Coraline.  I’d seen the movie earlier with Ona_Tangent and Pandara had read the book.  Watching the movie the second time (in 2-D
again) I can see what scenes were maximized for 3-D, but the film still works really well in two dimensions.  Still, I hope to be able
to catch it in 3-D before it leaves theatres.

Thursday night sydneygb ran a TinyPlot on the MUX and it was a lot of
fun.  We got to spring a trap, blow up a base, and kill a lot of gumbies.  *chuckle*
We’re definitely getting better at setting up and executing little one-night events that players can jump in and join even if they
haven’t been following all of the run-up RP.  I need to talk to IceSpark and set up another mini-event next time I have an early night free.

Friday night I talked to Ona_Tangent and got some sad news.  I went
home to hide and shower before Lildomino came over. Lildomino brought us food – a salad for me and a sub for her.  We watched The Colbert
and she grabbed a shower of her own.  We thought about going hot tubbing, but we wound up just snuggling in bed. We conked
out and slept eight hours, with all the lights on and everything. It
was supremely pleasant.

This morning I woke up rested and refreshed, which made it too bad
that I had to go into work.  Tonight when I escape I’m going to go see
cassiopia and spend the weekend with her.  She had a date
last night so I’m looking forward to hearing how it went.  I’ll
probably spend tonight and tomorrow in Illinois, catching up on
BSG and cuddles, and then come back Monday for work.

Next week I start the late shift again.  I don’t have a lot of plans
yet, although I’d hoped to see people I never get to if they’re OK
with meeting after 10 PM.  I’m a little worried about my friend Tibere.  She was in the hospital for pneumonia, and I haven’t heard
from her all week.  I’m also worried about a friend whose daughter is
in the hospital waiting on a lung transplant (The sad news I got from Ona_Tangent).  I very much hope she
can get one in time.  B(

"Coming at a time when crucial health care services are being slashed,
it is particularly upsetting to see this kind of expensive
grandstanding on the part of congressional Republicans over one high-profile case. This is not compassion: This is cold-blooded political calculation."
 (-- Charleston Gazette )
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