Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Week of February 1st – February 7th

This week has been pretty quiet. A lot of my social plans got
cancelled, so I mostly hung out with my girlfriends and worked on my
wikis – Obsidian Portal
for my
D&D campaign
, and Wikia for TFU. I've been feeling a lot more
anti-social and geeky lately, so I've appreciated the quiet time.
This weekend I get to role-play and travel, so that will be fun.

Sunday I was still feeling sickly, so I slept in late with icespark, and when we finally roused ourselves from bed we went
out to Breakfast of Pain for brunch. When we got back, IceSpark and I
finally pwn3d the Guardian that's been giving us trouble forever in
Icewind Dale II, and then I went over to lildomino's for
dinner. Unfortunately I was still feeling sick all night, so all I
could do was keep her company while she read and studied.

Monday I was feeling better, so I decided to forgo the doctor and try
to be productive. I got some journaling done during the day while
LilDomino was at school, and then met up with IceSpark when she got
off work. We had dinner and I MUXed while we watched House
I got to role-play a bit with Spike, one of my favorite
players there, and even though my back was killing me, at least my
stomach finally felt better.

Tuesday I was an hour late to work because of the snow. Not that I
had any trouble driving in it, but for some reason no one else on the
road was capable of moving forward. After work I met up with
LilDomino. She came over to my apartment and I made us stir-fry while
she cooked us corn. LilDomino was sleepy, so after dinner she went to
bed and I moved my laptop into the bedroom so I could keep her company
while she slept.

Wednesday night my plans got cancelled, so I brought LilDomino food
while she was working on getting UVerse installed, and then went over
to IceSpark's. While IceSpark worked on financial matters, I worked
on my TFU wiki, chatting with
people on the MUX and overall trying to be productive as well. When
IceSpark went to bed I joined her, and snuggled up with her to sleep.

Thursday my plans got changed as well, so I stayed home and worked
more on wikis, both for the MUX and for my new D&D campaign. I logged
on to the MUX again and got to role-play a bit with Stormwind and post
about an upcoming TinyPlot. When LilDomino got off work she came over
to my apartment and brought food, and she studied while I continued to
play on my computer.

Yesterday I picked up pandara from work and we went out to
dinner. When we got back to my apartment she got a call from her vet
about the results of her ferret's surgery, which left her in a
stressed mood with mixed feelings about her pet. I snuggled her until
she felt better, and then we both wound up passing out ridiculously
early. We'd planned to go swimming, but we'll have to try again next
time we can find time to get together.

Tonight after work I'm role-playing with elbanditorojo.
He's running his old D&D campaign again, and IceSpark and Jobe will be
joining us. Tomorrow I get to go see ona_tangent in St.
Louis. I have Monday off, so it can be a two-day visit. She and I
haven't resolved everything yet, but we should have some time to talk
this weekend. Either way it will be very nice to see scottak and her.

"I feel like the floor of a taxi cab."
-- Dr. Egon Spengler, Ghost Busters
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