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Week in Review – January 31st

Last week I worked the late shift. Since that usually limits my
social options, I thought I'd at least be able to stay up late and get
things done, but instead I wound up still going to sleep relatively
early and just catching up on rest instead. It didn't stop me from
getting sick this weekend, but it did give me time to think and work
on some of my ongoing relationship troubles, even if I haven't reached
any solid new conclusions.

Last Sunday I spent with cassiopia, snuggling her and
watching with amusement as she explored the options of her new phone.
She has a new Crackberry, and is already completely addicted. We did
venture out for breakfast and then sushi later, but the rest of the
day was spent focused on her phone. I had fun hanging out with her,
but I did have to tease her that she inadvertently wound up choosing
her phone over sex.

Monday before work I got to see Asca for the first time in over a
year, which was nice. After work I went over to icespark's
for MUX night. Unfortunately, by the time I got online most the MUX
players were ready for bed (damned late work shift!), so I just did
some admin stuff and worked on TFU's
online presence
. I'm hoping when the new GI Joe and Transformers movies
come out we might net a few more new interested players.

Last Tuesday I went to see lildomino after work. I hung out
with her and worked on my laptop while she studied. She asked if I'd
like to snuggle her before she went to sleep and then go back to my
computering. I knew that once I lay down I wouldn't want to get back
up, so I just shut down what I was doing and joined her in snuggly
sleep. It was a good choice to get another full night of rest, and to
pick snuggles over productivity.

Wednesday night after work I stayed home to talk with ona_tangent. She's been unhappy with our relationship for a
while, and with how many people I'm dating. The problem is related to
feelings of connectedness and spontaneity, but after hours of talking
we're not much closer to a solution. Obviously for her happiness and
mine I'm not going to start dating any additional people, but besides
that we still have a lot to work on.

Thursday night I had free, so after work I surprised IceSpark by
popping by to give her a kiss good-night and to tuck her in. I then
went over to LilDomino's to keep her company while she studied before
bed. I thought again about staying up late to be productive, but
wound up follow the pattern of the week by just going to bed
semi-early and getting more sleep. Once more I think it was a good
choice, especially since LilDomino needed lots of snugs.

Friday I finally got to spend a night with mishiell – the
first time this year. She met me at my apartment after she got off
work. We went out to a late dinner at Steak n Shake and caught up
with what's been going on in our lives. I was glad that she'd gotten
a four-hour nap before meeting up with me, since it meant that she was
a little more alert than she has been – her sleep apnea has been a
real detriment to her energy level for the last few months. It was
great to spend time with her.

Since I worked the late Monday through Friday shift, I had the rare
Saturday off work. Mishiell and I got to sleep in before she had to
run home, choosing more cuddles over breakfast. After she left I
wanted to use the time alone to be productive, but by then I was
feeling sickly so I didn't get a lot done. IceSpark came over after
derby practice and we went out to dinner, and then returned to my
apartment to watch Go
before bed.

Last week was rather restful, even if it was kind of ruined by being
sick all weekend. Still, it was good to have a chance to see Asca
after more than a year, and to have a night free to focus on talking
with Ona_Tangent. The rest of the time I've been working on the tfumux wiki, trying to get it into
some sort of shape so other people can jump in and help. Wiki wiki
wiki! (OK. Maybe even more sleep was needed…)

"Marriage hasn't been my thing. But gay people, knock yourselves out!"
-- Ben Affleck (Us)

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