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Week in Review – January 24th

This week started off wonderfully! After a fun game night Saturday
lildomino, hotarugirl and I spent all day in bed
Sunday. I took advantage of the unstructured day to relax and take
advantage of vast swaths of sleep and snuggles. LilDomino and
HotaruGirl even made frozen pizzas so we wouldn't have to leave my
apartment until the wee hours Monday morning, when we finally headed
into the cold in search of more Denny's.

Monday I was supposed to go out of town, but my plans got rescheduled,
so I spent the morning with LilDomino and HotaruGirl before meeting
icespark for lunch. Monday is usually my MUX night, but
since I thought I was going to be gone, I went on vacation on the MUX.
So, I decided to just enjoy the night off. It was sad not to see ona_tangent this week, but I hope she and I will be able to
reschedule soon.

Tuesday I had off work so I got to hang out with IceSpark during her
telework day. We watched the inauguration and were very happy with
the swearing in of a new, intelligent President. When
IceSpark's workday ended we went out to eat to celebrate, and then we
went back to her house to relax and play Kingdom of Loathing. We were
going to play SingStar as well, but it got too late, so we went to

Wednesday after work I drove to Illinois to see cassiopia.
When I arrived I gave her a belated New Year's kiss and then we
retired to her bedroom. We chatted and caught up a bit, and then got
out my laptop to watch BSG Webisodes and The Other Boleyn
. I'd have loved to follow with the Elizabeth movies, but
alas I had to go to sleep since I needed to get up super-early to
drive back to Indy for work.

My plans Thursday with mishiell were cancelled since she got
sick, so I stayed home to try to catch up on journaling and laundry.
I wound up having an extensive conversation with Cassiopia about
whether or not we should continue dating, since the distance is
putting a heavy strain on our relationship. When it got too late to
talk about it further, we tabled the discussion for now and worked out
possible plans for this weekend.

Friday night I hung out with LilDomino. She bought us Fazoli's and we
hung out at her house on her laptops. LilDomino helped me a bit with
working out my financial troubles, and I mulled over a response to a
critical email I'd gotten from Ona_Tangent concerning my dating
practices and how they lead to my "relationship stress on multiple
fronts" as Ona_Tangent put it. I'll need more time to ponder her
points and think about how to best resolve them.

Today I had a pleasant lunch with IceSpark. After work Cassiopia is
coming into town and then the two of us are going down to Bloomington
to meet up with Jalyru and my sister. Jalyru invited me up to play on
her Wii and 'do some karaoke,' so it should be fun. Tomorrow
Cassiopia and I have all day to sleep in and snuggle, so I look
forward to the quiet downtime.

"'Sin?' 'Sin' like 'love' was a word hard to define. It came in two
bitter but vastly different flavors. The first lay in violating the
taboos of your tribe....
The other meaning of 'sin' was easier to define because it was not
moulded by the murky concepts of religion and taboo: Sin is behaviour
that ignores the welfare of others."
-- Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love
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