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Ewysiwyg's Wedding, Roller Ball, and Pandara's Birthday

I had a great weekend! Saturday I went into work early so I could leave in time to get to ewysiwyg’s wedding, where I was one of the ushers (listed in the program as one of the Bodyguard B-!s: The Least Sneaky Ninjas). icespark picked me up for work and drove me down to Bloomington, where the two of us got to watch the rehearsal.

Ewysiwyg’s wedding was structured like a play and held in a theatre. They performed an amusing re-enactment of how they met, bringing the wedding party on stage as they were introduced in the narrative. The play portion was funny and sweet, and when they got to the “And in the end, there was only love” part, crow_again, the officiator, moved down to join them.

Crow_Again read a ceremony from his BlackBerry. He pointed out that the wedding wasn’t going to be sanctified by god, or the state – as part of Ewysiwyg’s vow not to get legally married until everyone could, regardless of sexual orientation.

Brbe and Ewysiwyg exchanged vows, which were both hilarious and so heartfelt that I almost wound up teary-eyed myself. Next, each of the wedding party either told a story about the bride or groom, or gave potentially shady marital advice.

Brbe and Ewysiwyg invited the guests to speak, and drakefenwick and I said something along the lines of, "As the original starter B-!s, we are pleased that you found a B-! that makes you this happy, and since we love you, we love Brbe for taking such good care of you."

Crow_Again pronounced them bride and groom, and they kissed before they even exchanged rings. DRAKEFENWICK and I threw open the doors and the guests were released through a long receiving line back into the main reception, with homebrewed mead and awesome food.

I got to see a lot of people I seldom get to – I hugged unomesowell before I remembered she doesn’t like me anymore (she was very polite and took it well); I got to see kikiriki for the first time in ages; and fayq was there with her looking fabulous with her beau.

I hung out with DRAKEFENWICK, Crow_Again, and peacekaat, and with that_girl_lola and elbanditorojo, who were there with their adorable kid. I told Ewysiwyg how absolutely beautiful and sexy she looked in her fishnet-enhanced wedding dress, and I complimented volta_girl on pulling everything off brilliantly.

IceSpark and I hung out as late and long as we could, and then skipped out to attend Roller Ball, which was fortuitously happening just three blocks away. This year they had a Vegas theme, and when we got there IceSpark’s team kidnapped her for secret business.

Jalyru was at the ball since she is a new striver in IceSpark’s league, and it was fun to hang out with Jalyru and IceSpark most of the night. I got to see Elbe and nimrod_rules2 as well, although I didn’t get as much of a chance to talk with them at the ball.

Sir Loin had prepared a video showcasing the derby veterans from last year, and there was an award ceremony for best jammer, etc (Kaka Caliente deservedly won MVP). The league framed the jerseys of the retiring athletes, signed by all the league members, which was sad and sweet.

After the planned events there was music and dancing. IceSpark had enjoyed mead at the wedding and brown ale at the ball, so she was relaxed enough to be seen dancing with me in public. Jalyru joined us for grooving with the friends she’d brought along.

The music seemed to start with the 60s (fitting the Vegas theme) and then progress forward in decades. Naturally, I did most of my dancing to 80s songs, discovering just how much work it can be to dance in heavy steel-toed boots.

The company was good, the dancing was fun, and the eye-candy was great – turns out that a room full of inebriated roller girls leads to a lot of hot badass girl-on-girl grinding. Imagine my surprise! *chuckle*

IceSpark and I hung out at late as possible and then headed back to Indy to sleep. I didn’t have plans on Sunday until late in the day, so IceSpark and I got to sleep very late to recover. We’d had an excellent time.

Sunday night I met up with pandara to celebrate her birthday. I couldn’t afford to take her out to dinner, so we ordered Chinese food and stayed in. We got time alone and the ability to sleep in late together, which she said was a good start to her birthday week.

All in all I had an excellent weekend. Ewysiwyg’s wedding was original and reflected her personality far better than most of the generic church weddings I’ve been to. Roller Ball was a lot of fun, and it was great to have a rare sleep-in day with Pandara.
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