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Happy New Year!

The first week of the New Year has been even more up and down for me than usual. I’ve been cranky, depressed, down, and stressed. My friends and lovers have been mostly patient with me as I try to pull myself out of an emotional slump. I’ve had some really nice nights that have sometimes counter-balanced my bad moods. I’m trying to make the best of things without feeling too fake-happy like I used to.

Last Sunday lildomino and I slept late and then headed out for some Dairy Queen. drakefenwick had suggested a game night, and for a last minute event we had a surprisingly robust turnout -- Brbe and ewysiwyg, DRAKEFENWICK, crow_again and peacekaat, salamander42 and pandara, icespark, and Jogr, a new person from Indiana_RP. Nada still has my Apples to Apples and Munchkin, but DRAKEFENWICK and Icespark brought theirs so the evening was saved. *grin*

Last Monday I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment, so LilDomino went with me to the radiation oncologist’s to be checked out and makes her everything is AOK. After my appointment LilDomino and I had Cuban food for lunch and went to see the Bodies exhibit, which was very interesting. I spent the evening with Icespark, having dinner and MUXing a bit before heading to bed.

Last Tuesday I went to see Jeki. She and I don’t get to hang out very often due to her schedule as a single mom, but for the last couples of years she’s been free the week between Christmas and New Year’s while her kids were at the grandparents’. So, even though I was insanely busy, I made some time to go visit her and hang out during her rare childfree time. Her ex-husband teased her because she’d tried to squeeze in time to see everyone she knew while she had the opportunity to have adult conversations without interruption. It was certainly pleasant to spend time with her, and I hope I won’t have to wait until next Christmas to hang out with her again.

Wednesday Icespark and I had a fun night at mishiell and eldari’s New Year’s Eve party. Icespark and I shared a kiss at midnight, and then I got one from Mishiell and Pandara as well. LilDomino and hotarugirl called to wish me a happy New Year from Evansville, and I called cassiopia, alanka, lemur_lady, and ona_tangent to give them (or their voicemail) long-distance New Year’s kisses as well. Icespark and I stayed pretty late at the party and then headed back to her house to sleep.

Icespark and I slept in late on New Year’s Day. Later in the day LilDomino drove back from visiting HotaruGirl. I went over to LilDomino’s house to give her new year’s kisses in person (and collect some from HotaruGirl!). After she made some food we hid in her bedroom to hide under the electric blanket until her house and we warmed up. It was a warm snuggly way to start the New Year!

Friday night A@, Jobe, and I met up at elbanditorojo’s house for a game of Runebound. Elbanditorojo made yummy chili and the four of us played after midnight, when A@ announced he had to leave soon. For fun A@ made a reckless grab for the end game and quickly beat the three of us to victory. Apparently the rest of us need to learn the lesson that bold action gets results in Runebound!

Saturday night Icespark and I were planning to go to a party, but I wasn’t feeling well so we stayed home. We did pick up some materials so I could work on my constructible ship set for my upcoming D&D game, although we were stymied from further progress by the lack of a color ink cartridge. Instead we played on our laptops until I felt better and then we watched Bones before falling asleep.

This week has been steadily better in terms of my moodiness, and I hope things will continue to improve. However, in terms of stress I still have to deal with the fact that I am fantastically broke, and may have to borrow money and postpone out-of-town plans until after my next paycheck. I hate to disappoint, but so far at least people are being very understanding. *sigh*

Excellence begins and ends with you.
-- doomflower
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