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Quick Update

Emotionally, I'm doing a little better. icespark and I are working on our friendship, and sarah9380 and I talked things out and have a new foundation for our relationship that I hope will be better. I have to talk with lildomino tonight, but I'm hoping that will go well. I at least feel a little better about prospects for the future, even if the present will still be a lot of work.

Physically, I feel like crap. I've had to take painkillers all month because of my teeth, and my stomach has born the brunt. (I'm sure my liver isn't too happy, either, but at least it doesn't hurt.) I'm hoping since my second crown hasn't bothered me since Sunday that I won't need another root canal yet. Here's hoping.



Tags: backdated, friendship, icespark, lildomino, relationships, sarah9380

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