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Soooo sleepy

I’m so sleepy today. Yesterday was worse – after a really nice night Monday, with a yummy dinner and hours of fun MUXing, I wound up getting into a two-hour argument starting at midnight and getting very little sleep before work on Tuesday. I’m having enough trouble with being up two-hours earlier every day (getting less adaptable in my old age), and so spending most of my night quarrelling certainly didn’t help.

I head over yesterday after work to make up from the dispute, and then went home with the idea of journaling and maybe taking a nap. Unfortunately I was way too tired to journal, since I was barely coherent enough to type. lildomino called when she got off work, and apparently on the phone I sounded out of it enough that she volunteered to just bring me food so I wouldn’t have to drive. She was sweet enough to bring me Wendy’s salad, and then we hot-tubbed a bit before watching Robot Chicken until passing out. *grin*

This morning I was still dragging so lildomino made sure I was bundled up and got me out to my car and at work on time. Luckily for me there’s no real work to be had here today, so I’m off the phones on a training code and finally catching up on some long-overdo email and posts. Tonight after work I’m heading down to lemur_lady’s for dinner, to which I’m very much looking forward.

This weekend is icespark’s birthday, and so we’re trying to figure out what she might like to do. She enjoyed the surprise get-together last year, but this year she doesn’t seem to be as up for sudden non-consensual socializing. We’ll prolly just do something quiet, but we’re still trying to figure out exactly what. We even considered Cats. *^_^* (Prolly too expensive, though.)

Ah, well. I’m sure we’ll work out something, even if it’s just Chinese food and Battlestar Galactica. *^_^*

"[Bush] won the [last] election, according to the exit polls, because the public looked long and hard at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Iraq, 1,122 dead and 8,039 injured American soldiers, over 16,352 dead Iraqi civilians, a $413 billion budget deficit, a $489.4 billion trade deficit, and 821,000 jobs lost.
And then they looked at two men walking down the aisle in San Francisco.
And they decided they'd rather have the former than risk the latter."

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