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Week in Review

Last Sunday was nice and lazy. icespark and I didn’t sleep in that late, considering how late we were up the night before, but we still woke rather refreshed and snuggled in bed watching Cool Devices before rousing ourselves for food. After eating we spent the rest of the day journaling and playing with our laptops before Icespark was felled by a bad headache and had to go to bed.

Monday Icespark and I finally got on the MUX after skipping a week, but the director wasn’t on because she’s moving this week, and sydneygb was self-reportedly only half-there. I did get some fun role-playing in with calyhexinmate and dunmurderin before they had to log off for work, but after that my Internet died, so I just worked on journaling and laundry while Icespark napped.

Tuesday lildomino came over after she escaped work. We went out to eat and swung by her place to pick up clothes before returning to my apartment to hot tub and play on our laptops. LilDomino backed up her hard drive and watched porn while I tried to journal and keep from being distracted. When it got too late we cozied up together and fell asleep.

Wednesday LilDomino had to work late, so I told her she could come by after her second job. I worked on D&D until she arrived, and then we went out for food and shopping. I was too poor to do any shopping myself, so LilDomino was sweet enough to buy me dinner. We were planning to watch something when we got home, but after all the shopping we were too sleepy.

Thursday I got together with mishiell and we went out to Denny’s. She told me she’s moving in with Eldari, which I’m not thrilled about, but wasn’t exactly a surprise. We went back to her place and made a D&D character for my upcoming campaign, and then watched a little of Blade Runner before snuggling up and going to sleep.

Friday after work I stopped by Icespark’s to see her new tattoo, and then drove to Illinois to see cassiopia. Cassiopia and I went out to dinner and then went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still. Although the movie got bad reviews and has many flaws, I was still entertained. Keanu Reeves’s acting style lends itself well to the character of Klaatu.

I spent Saturday with Cassiopia. Her car is dead, so I took her out for food and shopping. When we got back to her house, we cuddled and watched Dexter for the rest of the day. Finally, I headed back to Indianapolis. hotarugirl was coming into town to spend the weekend with LilDomino, and I wanted to get back in time to spend the night with both of them.

Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive. And don't ever apologize for anything.
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