Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Last week

Last week was busy, and I felt down a lot of the time. However, I did
have a lot of fun with many cool people, some of which I haven't seen
in quite an age. The week ended well with an enjoyable holiday party,
and after sleeping in two days in a row I'm slightly more rested,
although being at work at 8 AM still leaves me crazy-tired. Boo work!

Last Sunday Laat and I slept in, snuggling for warmth and not wanting
to get out of her bed. We watched Lost until Laat had to go
into work, and while she was gone I showered and played on my laptop.
When she returned we went out for dinner and met her friends at a
comedy club for a Girl Scouts benefit. After the show I headed back
to Indianapolis to snuggle with lildomino.

Last Monday is usually my MUX night, but since icespark had
put up with me glued to the computer the last two Mondays we decided
to give it a break and went out to dinner and played Mario Kart on the
Wii instead. Icespark and I are both spectacularly bad at Mario Kart,
but it's an amusing enough game that we were entertained nonetheless.
We even went online and got our asses kicked by people from all over
the world!

Tuesday I went to the dentist and got my missing crown replaced. That
night mishiell brought me with her to December's Indy Poly
Meetup. I had a good time hanging out with her, salamander42, eldari, pandara, and everyone
else that made it out there. After the Meetup Mishiell and I went
over to Eldari's to help him bring in his new big-screen TV, and then
Mishiell and I went back to her place to collapse.

Wednesday work had a sort of "employee appreciation day" and I found
out that I had the most customer accolades out of our group. Woot!
That night LilDomino and I went to a party at the Children's Museum.
Even though I practically live next door to it, I've never been there,
so that was cool. We checked out the comics exhibit and I took lots
of pictures. I'll definitely have to go back soon, preferably with
Icespark in tow since she hasn't gone yet.

Thursday I went out to eat with LilDomino and her co-workers, and her
boss was good enough to buy us all dinner. After dinner I went home
and waited for Pandara to come over when she got off work. By the
time she arrived, it wasn't long before we needed to sleep, but it was
great to spend the bit of time together we had. We'll have to
reschedule soon to finish her D&D character.

Friday I was hoping to have a Hobby Night, but I couldn't afford to
buy the supplies I needed to build my Dollship of Doom, so that'll
have to wait. After driving LilDomino to the airport I picked up
Icespark and we went out to eat. We didn't get hobby stuff done, but
it was good to have a night to escape and relax. Icespark and I spent
the night alone and stored up energy for the weekend.

Saturday afternoon Icespark and I slept late and didn't really want to
leave the house to be social. Nonetheless, once Icespark had decided
to skip roller derby practice Sunday, that streamlined our plans a bit
and we grabbed food before heading out to our first party, which was
with the Circle City Socialites derby league. We hung out there for a
couple of hours (Icespark got cool presents from the team) and then
headed to the Indy Poly Meetup Holiday party.

The Poly Meetup Holiday party was a lot of fun. I got to see some
friends I hadn't seen in ages and meet fun new people. I saw Daar for
the first time in years, and finally got to meet her husband C# and
their very adorable kid. I teased Eldari that I never knew the
centerpiece of his parties was tossing a stuffed dog around a circle
for the amusement of a two-year-old. It was nice to see Salamander42
and Pandara again as well – I need to steal them both to role-play

Hanging out with Mishiell and Eldari on Tuesday and then again on
Saturday night was good since I'd been feeling a little left out of
Mishiell's life since she started spending so much time with Eldari.
All of us hanging out together makes me feel part of that area of her
life, and reinforces a feeling of Eldari as a friend instead of a
rival for Mishiell's attention.

"I'm impatient with stupidity. My people have learned to live without it."
-- Klaatu, The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

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