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B! and Erro

Last night I got to hang out with B! and Erro. When I got off work, I ran home to try to post some things I wrote for tfumux, but my computer was being crashy. I had a hard enough time just trying to find directions to Erro’s work (I was trying to find them in my email, and only later discovered I’d saved them on my phone, not in my Yahoo! Account). B! showed up while I was still fighting with my computer, so I finally just got Erro to text me her work location again (it had been a while since I’d been there) and then B! and I ran out to get her.

B! and I were running a little late, so Erro got stuck helping an indecisive client at work, giving B! and I time to sit in the car and talk about geek stuff while we waited. When work finally set Erro free, we went to the International Buffet for yummy Asian food, and then back to my apartment for Munchkin. B! won, and then headed back to Muncie so I could take Erro home to her miniature Weiner. I gave her two of my lamps that I wasn’t using, which served the dual purpose of helping her apartment have luminosity and my apartment have less clutter.

When I got home I got onto the MUX to post my reports, only to discover things had changed since last I was on and my posts needed updating. I role-played a bit as I re-wrote the salient portions (still need to do the same thing for the LJ versions on tfumux), and then crawled off to bed and pretty much passed out immediately. I’m still getting used to getting up two hours earlier than I had been.

Today my work is going OK, aside from the self-caused frustration Monday. I’m pretty much through with my training. I’m pulling down repair tickets and taking calls, and really just need the trainer for special cases. It’s nice because today she’s helping the other new person and not over my shoulder all day. I like my trainer, but I feel constantly monitored all day at work enough already. It’s one of my pet peeves.

This afternoon Dajebo has her anniversary “linner” at Santorini's Greek Kitchen, so I’ll get to leave a little earlier than usual. Tonight I’m hanging out with Nada. I enjoyed hanging out with her last time, although tonight I’d rather just take time to myself. Still, I’m not free on her open days for the rest of the month, so it’s tonight or wait ‘til April see her again. I’m still trying to be careful with her, because as much as I like her, there is still that drama potential. So far, though, there’s been more drama dealing with people worrying about there being drama with Nada than with Nada herself. Sometimes it becomes self-fulfilling if I tell people, “I’m worried about this” and then they wind up reacting more than the situation warrants.

Tomorrow I’m going to see Gaelic Storm with lemur_lady, assuming she got tickets – I should double-check. I also need to get tickets for the Witches Ball this weekend. I’m a little less poor since last night Erro gave me some cash to chip in for the cell phone she’s using on my plan ‘til she’s able to move her number to her own plan. sarah9380 recently moved to masterlongtom’s plan, and I ditched the media package, so my cell phone bill should be a lot less now. Next: get another forbearance so my student loan payment doesn’t jump an extra $100/month.

Please somebody put the W back in CraWford!

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