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Last Week

Last week was pretty good. I started my radiation therapy treatment, but at first I didn’t have many side-effects. I got to spend time with people I’d been anxious to see that I hadn’t had a lot of time for when I was recovering from my surgery, and otherwise I took it easy and even got in some role-playing online. I missed The Rocky Horror Show due to fatigue, but I did make it to cassiopia’s Halloween party.

Sunday was a nice, relaxing day. mishiell and I slept late, and then ran to the knit shop to pick up more yarn of the type Mishiell liked from Saturday. We had a late breakfast/early dinner at The Claddagh, and then napped before heading to ewysiwyg’s for an October Birthdays game night. It was a great time, and it was good to see Ewysiwyg again.

Monday I had off since I have to work Saturdays now, so I slept late, and then lildomino came over to cuddle and nap. At dinner time I headed over to icespark’s and we went out to Red Lobster before getting on the MUX. Icespark helped me begin the wrap-up of the Jem and Holograms TinyPlot, and while the MUX night started off rocky, it ended well.

Tuesday pandara had to work late to learn the closing shift, so I had a few hours alone after work. I’d intended to journal, but got distracted cleaning my bathroom sink and kitchen counters. Since it wasn’t the most ideal night for her to get together, I especially appreciated her coming over and hanging out a few hours before she had to head home to sleep.

Wednesday I had my first radiation therapy treatment, which went pretty well. I took the day off in case there were horrible side effects, but mostly I felt fine, so I just spent the day catching up on the Internets and laundry. Wednesday night LilDomino came over, and I made dinner before we headed down to the hot tub. After that we went back upstairs and watched The Colbert Report until LilDomino fell asleep.

Thursday I’d planned to get together with Mishiell, but she’s feeling sick, so we planned to reschedule. I thought maybe I’d head down to see The Rocky Horror Show after work, but by 6ish I was feeling greatly fatigued, so I just had dinner with Icespark and then headed home to MUX. I wrapped up the Jem and the Holograms TP with Major Bludd, and then puttered around until bed.

Friday was Halloween (and for some pagans, Samhain), so I spent the evening with Icespark. We hung out while she handed out candy, and then when it got late we headed out for dinner. I’d brought over cheesy/scary movies, but when we went to bed to cuddle, we wound up watching Bones instead. It was a quiet evening and a peaceful way to welcome in the pagan new year.

Saturday I had to work, which wasn’t that bad except that it meant I had to hurry afterward to get to Cassiopia’s party in Illinois on time. I’d hoped to put together a March Hare costume to go with Cassiopia’s Mad Hatter getup, but there was no time. So, I went with my standard backup vampire costume, and had a good time hanging out with Cassiopia and her menagerie of cool friends.

This week has been OK so far, although I’ve been feeling either nauseated or strongly fatigued, so I’ve missed a lot of work. I’m off to another radiation therapy treatment now, so here’s hoping I won’t feel so dead afterwards and can actually make it into work today. One thing that has helped my spirits: President-Elect Obama! W00t! It’s a good week after all!
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