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In the last 24 hours:

  • 21:23 Congrats, St. Louis, on your new Democratic governor! (Tho, 'Go Nixon!' sounds odd...) #
  • 21:24 ABC projects Ohio for Obama! Suck it, Joe the Plumber! #
  • 21:32 heh. Someone at ABC leaned too close to the mic, and we could hear them comment, "If they called Ohio for Obama, that's the Presidency." #
  • 21:50 ABC is talking to one of McCain's guys, and already they're talking about what Republicans need to do to survive after tonight's defeat. #
  • 22:01 huh. According to the local ABC affiliate, Indiana is trending towards Obama. w00t! #
  • 22:44 We failed to Ditch Mitch, but overall I'm pretty damned happy about tonight. w00t! #
  • 23:00 ABC calls the US for Obama! w0000000t! #
  • 23:30 McCain came across a lot classier in his concession speech than his audience did. G'night, America! Tomorrow's a happy new day! #
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