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Last Week

Last week was a difficult week for me emotionally. I was stressed about
health and relationship issues, and it made me depressed and touchy. Luckily
I was surrounded by good people who were very patient with me, and
ultimately the week ended on a high note. I got to spend a lot of time with
mishiell last week, which was especially nice because I needed a
chance to reconnect with her.

Last Sunday was a really pleasant day. icespark and I slept in
ridiculously late and then we went out to Outback before meeting drakefenwick, Jobe, and elbanditorojo for a last-minute birthday Runebound
game night. We still didn't get to complete a game, but we did come a lot
closer than the last time we played. I hadn't expected to see Elbanditorojo
that weekend, so his unexpected freedom was an enjoyable surprise.

Last Monday I went to my first radiation oncologist appointment. The
appointment went well – Dr. Leagre was very reassuring, and was happy to
oblige my request to move my treatments to closer-to-home Methodist
Hospital. It meant switching radiation oncologists, but I like Dr. Yeh just
as much. After my appointment I headed to work. I had to work late since I
traded with Napl so I could go to the doctor's appt, so Monday night
Icespark and I skipped MUXing and went to bed relatively early.

Last Tuesday I went to another doctor's appointment to meet Dr. Yeh, my new
radiation oncologist. lildomino picked me up at work and brought
me to Methodist Hospital Radiation Therapy. I thought I'd just meet Dr. Yeh
and he'd give me the same rundown Dr. Leagre did, but while I was there he
had them CAT scan me as well in preparation for my radiation treatments. He
answered more of the questions I'd had, and although the appointment lasted
a lot longer than I'd planned, I felt like I got a lot accomplished in one

After work I went over to Mishiell's to spend the night with her for her
birthday Wednesday. Mishiell and I had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then
stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up ingredients for breakfast. When we got
back to Mishiell's apartment we snuggled on the couch and watched Firefly
until we were both ready for bed.

Wednesday I had the day off for Mishiell's birthday, so we slept in and
Mishiell made breakfast. I had to run up to my urologist's so they could
take more blood, and then when I returned Mishiell napped while I watched
the History Channel's specials on end of the world scenarios – happy
birthday, Mishiell!

Wednesday night Mishiell and I met up with Tojo, and the three of us went to
see Mudkids, Flobots, and Matisyahu at the Murat Egyptian Room for
Mishiell's birthday. After the concert I headed off so Mishiell and Tojo
could have the night alone, and went over to LilDomino's to snuggle and fall
asleep with her to The Colbert Report.

Thursday night cassiopia drove in from Illinois to see me. She
was worried about her new tattoo, but she stopped in on the way to Indy and
her tattoo shop reassured her it was healing just fine. Cassiopia's visit
was a short one, but it was good to catch up with her since I didn't get to
see her for her important rites weekend. We snuggled and she spent the
night, and I get to see her again for Halloween.

Friday night after work I got back together with Mishiell for her birthday
weekend. We had dinner, and then started in on two days devoted to the Star
Trek Roleplaying Game
. I have to love a woman whose request for birthday
weekend activities includes role-playing Star Trek. *^_^* I had a great
time with her, not just for the role-playing, but also for the chance to
hang out with in an unhurried, non-sleepy setting.

Saturday Mishiell and slept in again and then went out to Le Peep for
breakfast. We hit the knit shop, so Mishiell could stock up on yarn.
Coincidently they were having a clearance sale, so Mishiell spent way too much, and then we headed home to role-play more Star Trek. We ordered in Jimmy Johns so we
didn't have to venture out, and spent the evening role-playing and

The weekend was just what I needed. Mishiell had backed off from me a bit
since I'd gotten sick, mostly so she didn't get in the way of everyone else
who was wanting to take care of me (I have an abundance of good fortunes!).
This coincided with some NRE on her part, which left me feeling a little
insecure. A weekend of snuggling and catching up was perfect for making me
feel better in a lot of ways. Love you, Mishiell!

"Fight fire with Arthur!" -- The Tick
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