Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Today's doctor appt. w/ Dr. Yeh

i like my new doc. I talked to him, got another ct scan (full torse), got
my 1st zap scheduled. got blood work, so I shouldn't have to get more taken
out tomorrow. My arm hurts because they had to stick me twice for the CT
scan (for the contrast dye), and then stick the other arm to draw blood.
Dr. Yeh said I can have off whatever time I want. The treatments will be at
10 AM, so I might just ask the doc to approve 4 hours/day of intermittant
FMLA, and I'll take what I need depending on how I feel. My first zap is
scheduled for Wed 10/29. Dr. Yeh said "3 or 4 weeks" and they'd let me know
how long when I go for my first appt.

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