January 31st, 2012

Psyche-Out, therapy

Work shittiness

Well, now that I finally have a shift I can live with (Tues-Sat noon to 8:30PM), of course AT&T has to change it again. California is changing their tech hours, so the techs will no longer be out 'til 9, so we're not needed until midnight. Rather than wait for the next schedule for people to bid the new shifts, they just changed everything effective tomorrow, with fucked the midnight crew because they suddenly can't have early bird parking, so they'll hhave to pay an extra $100 a montht to park, and everyone who had plans before work are fucked, etc. So they're crying foul and want to bid a new shift. If they all abdandon the late shift, I'll get sucked into the vaccuum and go back to until-10PM every night. >B(

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