September 16th, 2010

Typhoid, Science!

For lilDomino

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We, the colony: Democracy, the bee way

In spring, a bee colony's thoughts turn to swarming. The queen and about two-thirds of the workers leave their hive to search for a new home.

The swarm perches on a nearby tree, then sends out a few dozen scout bees to scour the neighbourhood. Their job is to find, measure and evaluate every hollow tree or other enclosed space. When the scouts return to the several-thousand-strong swarm, they dance atop the other bees, telling them what they have found.

A potential nest must be large enough to hold ample honey to feed the colony through the winter, high enough to offer protection from predators, and have a small entrance for the same reason. The vigour and duration of each scout's dance reflect her enthusiasm for the site she has found.
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Geek, Wil Wheaton

Quadrocopters Getting Creepier, Signaling Judgment Day

From elbanditorojo --

uh-oh! We're dooomed!

The University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Laboratory’s quadrocopter is at
it again, instilling fear in the portion of humanity who has seen The
or The Matrix. We’ve written about the quadrocopters
before, especially when they learned to work together, but now they
can fly through hoops falling through the air and recover from
“extreme” starting conditions, such as being aggressively thrown into
the air, all without a human pilot.

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