September 8th, 2010

Love, Tattoo

StephanieBCl 2010.09.07

Last night I had a wonderful evening with stephaniebcl.  I had planned
to go to derby practice, but I was very anxious to see StephanieBCl
and decided to skip training so I could get together with her sooner.
StephanieBCl was hungry when I arrived, so we made her bed and then
went out to the Claddagh Irish Pub for dinner.  On our way back we
stopped in the Irvington circle and just sat by the fountain, watching
and listening to the water.  It was wondrously peaceful and relaxing.

When we got back to StephanieBCl’s apartment, she wanted to shower and
then journal.  I got a little blogging done while she cleaned up, but
then when she returned she put on Golden Girls and my attention
drifted (I have a hard time concentrating when TV is on).

StephanieBCl eventually fell asleep, so I shut down my laptop and
turned off the TV, and then snuggled up to cuddle her for the night.
It was a very pleasant, low-key evening.

"One by one, the bedrock conservative convictions of the national
Republican Party are giving way... yielding to the demands of a
raucous religious right that has become the Republicans' most reliable
electoral base." (Trenton Times)