November 13th, 2009

complaining, Huffer

Writer's Block: Super-human

If you could choose one super-power, what would it be and why?

The power to stop time and not age while I got things done. Hands-down. Failing that, the ability to go without sleep so I could at least get eight extra hours (OK, 6) a day. Alternately, the ability to clone myself would be great, especially if I had access to the experiences and memories of all the clones. B)
complaining, Huffer

Week in Review – Week of November 8th – 14th

This week was a lot of fun, aside from being up and down emotionally. I got to attend the Thigh Scream Social -- a roller derby skills camp – which was a great time. I enjoyed it so much that I think I’m going to join the men’s league here in town as soon as I figure out when and where practices are that won’t conflict with this weekend’s plans or my work schedule. I’d go to the practice with them Sunday, but I’m going to be in Chicago with hotarugirl. B)

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*“You know, the whip is the fastest way to gain speed on the track!”
-- 'Hot Tub' Johnny Rocket, Whip It