October 2nd, 2009

complaining, Huffer

Week in Review – Week of September 27th – October 3rd

This week was better than the last, if only because I’m a little less
depressed. I’m still powerfully sleepy all the time, which seems to
be more of a chemical thing than a lack of rest, but today at least I
seem to be coming out of it. I have a quiet weekend planned, and then
next week I move to a day schedule for the rest of the month, which
should let me get out more since I won’t be at work until 10:15 PM.
Who knows what craziness might be in store beneath the seldom-seen day ball.

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Alex the Lion: [shouts] “You maniac! You burned it up! Darn
you! Darn you all to heck!”
Melman the Giraffe: “Can we go to the fun side now?”
-- Madagascar