May 16th, 2009

complaining, Huffer

Week in Review – Week Ending 2009 May 16

This week has been up and down emotionally, but mostly good. I’m
working a relatively normal day shift for a change, with the tradeoff
being it’s Saturday and I’m here in the office. I’ve been reminded
that I don’t actually like working during the day, since the calls are
non-stop and not actually worth any points. Still it’s nice to be
able to get off work when people are actually awake and available to
hang out. My friend Laat took advantage of this opportunity and drove
up to see me on Thursday.

Sunday for Mother’s Day I actually had a good time hanging out with my
mom in Evansville. She’s not feeling as depressed as she was, and
while she is having a little trouble following conversations and tends
to interrupt a lot, it was good to see her and she was very happy my
sister CMHusted and I visited. We took her out for an Italian dinner
at her favorite place in Evansville, all three of us seemed to benefit
from the time we were there.

Monday I had the day off since I’m working Saturday, so I enjoyed some
time to myself, finishing another section in Lamb:
The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
heading over to IceSpark’s for dinner. After we ate we snuggled up to
watch the final episodes of Dollhouse,
which were excellent. We did take time out in the middle to watch
which remains a guilty pleasure.

Tuesday was crazy-busy with calls, and no e-time since they’ve come up
with a busywork project for us when we run out of orders. When at last
I got off work I grabbed Pandara and we went by LilDomino’s lab to
pick her up for dinner. We three went out for yummy noodles and hung
out until LilDomino had to go back to work. Pandara and I went to my
place and headed down to the hot tub downstairs, cooling off in the
pool when we got too warm. When we had soaked enough we came back
upstairs, showered, and went to bed to snuggle since we both had to
work early the next morning.

Wednesday night LilDomino and I went out to dinner before returning to
her place to laptop and snuggle. We tested to see if we could both
fit in her sleeping bag (not really – that only worked when she was
still exclusively dating petite women!) and then she looked up camping
supplies online for her birthday weekend while I tried to get caught
up on email and the Internets. Neither of us really wanted to go to
sleep, but since we both had to be up early LilDomino eventually lured
me to bed.

Thursday Laat came up to visit me and met me at my apartment after
work. She was tried from the drive from Evansville, so we napped for
a while and then watched Lost
before heading out to eat. Laat’s on a week’s vacation she took from
work for her birthday, and I was very pleased she chose to spend part
of it with me. She missed the televised season finale of Grey’s
, but watched it Friday morning online instead before
heading back to Louisville.

IceSpark and I got off to a rough start to our anniversary Friday but
smoothed things out in time for a nice evening. For dinner IceSpark
and I went out to a new Chinese buffet that opened near her, and we
were both very pleased with the food and service. Besides yummy
Chinese food and sushi, IceSpark got to enjoy blue crab and other
types of crab legs and I got yummy steak to share. We got shakes on
the way back to her house to complete an evening of culinary
indulgence, followed by SingStar
(at last).

Today I had to work, and I traded with a coworker to come in early so
she could go to a morning event with her kid. I hate working
Saturdays, and it certainly was an unwelcome interruption in my
anniversary weekend with IceSpark. Tonight when I escape, IceSpark
and I are heading down to Bloomington for dinner and then the Bleeding
Heartland Roller Girls PANTS
, which should be a lot of fun.
It should definitely make up for my crappy day at work.

"We've got to acknowledge first that the old debates are obsolete.
I wish the U.S could still go off, after Iraq, at the head of
‘coalitions of the willing’ to spread democracy around the world. But
the brutal fact is that the events of the past year have discredited
that approach. "
-- David Brooks