November 30th, 2008

complaining, Huffer

Week in Review

This week started off sucking and then got better towards the weekend. I think I went back to work too soon and really suffered through my day Monday through Wednesday. I thought I’d be OK since my job isn’t physically taxing, but I overlooked the ability to lie down with some ginger tea when I felt bad. Luckily I had a nice four-day holiday weekend to spend recovering, which had me feeling 100% better by Saturday.

Last Sunday while hotarugirl was in town lildomino had to go into work for a while, so I ran home to get books and character sheets to role-play with Hotarugirl while LilDomino was gone. However, by the time I got back to LilDomino’s, LilDomino was already off work, so the three of us just hung out in LilDomino’s living room. LilDomino did homework, Hotarugirl wrote for NaNoWriMo, and I got distracted by the Internet journalled.

Monday I returned to work, which was probably a mistake. I felt like hell all day, and didn’t really get much done. After work I ran a TinyPlot on tfumux. It started late and ran far too long, but I had a lot of fun, and we accomplished our goal – rescuing Scarlett and Temera from the clutches of Cobra! It was cheesy 80s fun.

Tuesday was another bad day at work. Even though I wasn’t feeling all that well, and I’d had a really stressful day at work, I did have a nice evening with pandara. When I got home from work I had a little bit of time to unwind before Pandara finally got a hold of me to tell me she was downstairs – I was having phone issues. The two of us went out to eat. I’ve been somewhat incommunicado since my energy level has been so low, so we had a lot to catch up on and talk about. After dinner we headed back to my apartment to snuggle and watch more Buffy.

Wednesday LilDomino was supposed to drive home to see her family for Thanksgiving, but she decided to postpone leaving until Thursday morning. I’d had another crappy day at work, and was planning to just hide out alone Wednesday night, but since LilDomino stayed in town we hung out and watched Family Guy on It was a good way to unwind after a bad work week.

LilDomino left town early Thursday morning, and I had much of the day to myself until mishiell came by to visit. Mishiell and I wound up napping and then when she had to leave I headed over to icespark’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Icespark made a fantastic meal with delicious turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green beans, stuffed mushrooms, etc.

Friday I didn’t have any plans, so I got to enjoy the day off. Icespark and I got to sleep in superbly late. Neither of us had to work -- Icespark took off since I had the day as a holiday. We didn’t have any social obligations, so we both turned off our alarms and slept as late as we wanted. It was decadently sinful, and I enjoyed it very much. When at last we did wake up, we did some late Black Friday shopping and then hid away from the world.

Saturday Icespark and I went to an open skate with the Circle City Socialites roller derby team, which was a lot of fun. Icespark and I skated for two or three hours, which is the most exercise I’ve had since my surgery. When we got back to Icespark’s, she set me up a profile on her Wii Fit, and I got in another half-hour of aerobic and balance-building exercises. When LilDomino got back into town, I went over to her house and we ate and watched TV until LilDomino conked out and I joined her in bed.

Today I got to sleep in late with LilDomino. When hunger drove us from her bed, we went to get Thai food, continuing my experimentation with how well I’ve recovered from my radiation treatments. The food was yummy, and after hanging out with Icespark while LilDomino ran to work, I spent the evening with LilDomino, journaling while she did her nursing school homework. It was a pleasant end to a week start started off bad but finished well.

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