October 20th, 2008

complaining, Huffer

Last Week

Last week was my final week off work. I didn't get as much done
project-wise while I was off-work, but I did get to spend a lot of time with
the very sweet people who went out of their way to take care of me, which
was probably the higher-priority time-killer anyway. *grin* I was a little
depressed and over-emotional towards the end of the week, but otherwise have
been on a pretty even-keel.

Last Sunday I had to kick lildomino out of bed early so she could
go to work, and then I had most of the day to myself to email, journal, and
enjoy some alone time. Around 8 I got a surprise call from crow_again and peacekaat, who had just gotten back from BlizzCon 2008 and offered
to swing by and pick me up for dinner. They regaled me with their travel
and vacation exploits, and when I got home Icespark was waiting to snuggle
and sleep. Crow_again and
Peacekaat returned for icespark's bout Saturday. B^)

Last Monday Icespark and I hung out at my apartment until venturing out to
meet salamander42 and pandara for a late lunch/early
dinner. After dinner Icespark and I headed back to her place and I got on
the MUX. I got a chance to role-play with Major Bludd as Dr. Mindbender,
which was fun, and to set up a rescue attempt for Jem and the Holograms as
Flint. It was an entertaining evening of 80s RP geekery.

Tuesday I spent hanging out with Icespark during her telework day, and then
she took off early to take me to my appointment to get my CT scan and chest
X-rays. Icespark and I had planned to go to the Poly Meetup, but neither of
us had gotten enough sleep, so we wound up napping instead. When we woke up
we went out to a late dinner, and then Icespark dropped me off at
LilDomino's with food for LilDomino to eat while she studied.

Wednesday I had my follow-up appointment with my urologist concerning my
. The news wasn't as great as I'd have liked. The doctor verified that
I'd had a cancerous seminoma, but no other indicators of cancer. That
implies it hadn't yet spread, but the size and aggressiveness of the tumor
led him to suggest I get radiation just to make sure. I had an appointment
this Monday with a radiation oncologist to discuss how all this is going to

After my doctor's appointment, LilDomino and I went back to her house to
hang out until her class. I went with her since the subject was stress
management, which I could always use. The lecture was interesting, and
afterward LilDomino brought me to the City County Building so we could vote
early. The evening was spent with me role-playing on the MUX while
LilDomino studied, and I had a great time participating in a well-run
TinyPlot run by Major Bludd.

Thursday morning LilDomino dropped me back home, where I did laundry,
answered LJ comments, and prepared to run mishiell's Star Trek RPG
that evening. Mishiell came over and we ordered Chinese food, catching up on
what's been going on in her life while we ate. After dinner we went to lie
down and snuggle before role-playing. Mishiell immediately passed out. That
was OK, however – I was really more in a mood to snuggle Mishiell than
role-play, anyway.

Friday I returned to work. Apparently I was supposed to go in at 8 AM since
they took me off the schedule (therefore reverting me to generic 8 - 4:30 PM
hours), but since I arrived at my usual time (1:30 PM) they just had me work
my regular shift. After work I went over to LilDomino's and we hung out and
watched The Colbert Report until LilDomino fell asleep. Once again
I wound up snuggling a beautiful woman and reading until I got sleepy, which
is not a bad way to wind down the day.

Saturday was Icespark's final derby bout of the season, and she and her team
kicked ass! I drove her down to Bloomington for the game, and then helped
set up the Sportsplex (well, hung signs, etc), while Icespark got changed
and warmed up. The face-off between the two Bleeding Heartland Roller
home teams was well-played and exciting to watch, and it was great
to see Icespark skate well and do her part to help the Slaughter Scouts
emerge victorious!

This week I'm back at work. I switched with Napl (who got stuck with my
shift) so I could go to my doctor's appointment this morning, so tonight
I'll be here until 10. After work I might log onto the MUX if anyone is
still on, or just hang out with Icespark until she passes out. The rest of
the week I'll be working 8 to 4:30 PM, and then next week I get a new work
schedule – prolly working Saturdays.

"History is calling us." -- Sec. of State Condoleesa Rice

"Is it just me, or does this phrase sum up the entire past four years of the
Bush Administration's policies on virtually everything? You know....moving
backward at a steady pace...." -- workerant156b