September 7th, 2008

Busy, nervous

Up and Down Week

This week has been up and down. I had ISDN training most of the week at work, which meant I had someone sitting behind me in my cubicle for six hours a day. The training was useful and my trainer friendly, but having someone in my face all day left me frazzled. My mom had biopsies this week and is waiting for results to see if she has cancer again, so there has been some stress there as well.

Tuesday pandara came over and we hung out until we got hungry and then ventured out for food. At first we went to the Red Eye Cafe, but we were quickly driven out of the place by overly loud and aggressive ukulele-playing. We wound up at Steak n’ Shake instead, and overall I had a very lovely evening with her. I met pandara recently at the poly meetup, and we’re connecting well and developing an interesting friendship. I can’t wait to meet her beau.

Wednesday I went over to lildomino’s to hang out and watch TV before bed. We talked a lot about what would happen if one of us died – it’s a subject that came up at nursing school and has been on lildomino’s mind. She pointed out that if I was badly injured, decisions would be made by my mother, whose emotional state is unstable at best. I should really look into that.

Thursday night I went over to mishiell’s, and we took advantage of my earlier schedule to go out to eat. When we got back to mishiell’s we watched The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury. I haven’t seen any of the other Chronicles of Riddick (and hadn’t heard good things), but I did like Dark Fury, mostly because it was directed by Peter Chung (the Aeon Flux guy). Now I’m curious to see the live-action movies, although I expect disappointment.

Friday I got together with A@ and Jobe to role-play with elbanditorojo. icespark was invited to join us, but by the time she got back from derby practice she was just too tired. I had a lot of fun playing Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy, and for once we actually got a finish a mission! I think next elbanditorojo is going to run D&D for us, and I’m hoping to start a new D&D campaign soon as well.

Today icespark and I planned a cleaning day, but aside from doing laundry and opening mail, mostly we just snuggled and watched DVDs. We ordered Chinese food and watched Robot Chicken before icespark headed home and I went over to lildomino’s to hang out with hotarugirl and her while hotarugirl is in town. lildomino is awake, but hotarugirl is very sleepy.

Tomorrow, icespark and I are traveling to Ohio for roller derby. icespark’s team is playing the Gem City Rollergirls in a public scrimmage at Skateworld of Kettering in Dayton. We have to get up pretty early to go to Dayton, so I’m heading back to icespark’s tonight to sleep so I don’t make her late in the morning. Hope everyone else’s weekend is going well!

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White Rabbit

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