August 14th, 2008

Twenties, d20, 20s, RP, Eye-Roll

Gen Con Day 1

Having fun at gencon so far. This morning icespark and I got up early-ish and went downtown to pick up our bag-o-swag and play our first game, "Great Lakes Avengers." I thought we'd be playing the canonical GLA from Marvel comics, but instead we played a team of original characters based out of Chicago. Still, the game was a lot of fun. and afterward we went to check out the dealer room, where we ran into several fellow geek friends. We took a break for lunch, and now we're waiting to play This Game Sucks (a board game).
You Suck, Christopher Moore

Gen Con Day 1.5

This Game Sucks was fun, and it turns out cassiopia knows one of the designers that were running our game. The game itself is only eight bucks, so we might have to pick it up. Having a quick game that we can play in twenty minutes might be nice when we don't have time to play, say, Munchkin.