August 4th, 2008

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Last Week

Last Sunday hotarugirl still wasn’t feeling well, and lildomino was itchy from accidentally exposing herself poison ivy, so we skipped going to the museum and just stayed in and hung out. lildomino’s air conditioner died, so we went to my place to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Venture Bros. Even though illness and itchiness limited what we could do last weekend, it was still wonderful to just spend a quiet weekend hanging out with lildomino and hotarugirl.

Last Monday I got a vasectomy. lildomino went with me, and took care of me while I recovered. While I sat unmoving with a lapful of ice we hung out and watched Super Size Me and Mystery of the Nile. At 6 PM I went over to icespark’s for MUX night. icespark grilled some of my favorite food for dinner, and then I got distracted from the MUX by Bones and House. I did eventually focus and have fun on the MUX – I got to temp Red Alert and get into a big confrontation with (original character) Dust Devil. Ah, geek amusement!

Tuesday I had off work again to recover from the vasectomy. I had big plans for being productive all day, but any time I actually have time to journal of course I don’t feel in the mood to write. I did work on my Star Trek campaign for mishiell, and then I snuggled with icespark to start watching Bones from the pilot and season one. Around seven lildomino picked me up and I spent the rest of the night at her place, playing on my laptop, doing more work for Star Trek, and generally procrastinating instead of journaling. lildomino even turned off the TV so I could concentrate, but no go.

Wednesday I had to return to work, and after work I went to mishiell’s to role-play. We progressed further in her campaign, and mishiell got an opportunity to discover more about what might have happened to her character and how she got into her current situation. Unfortunately I was a little distracted and tired, so I told some of what I should have showed, but it was a fun time nonetheless.

Thursday I got to drive down to visit she_oft_sings and see her now apartment (which is roomy and spiffy). I haven’t gotten to hang out and talk with she_oft_sings one-on-one in ages, and we stayed up rather late catching up and watching cool videos that she made. We didn’t get enough of a chance to get to know each other the first time we hung out, so I’m hoping this will give us an opportunity to restart and grow our friendship.
ALC weekend post to follow, time permitting!

"The really rich people figure out how to dodge taxes anyway."
-- President Bush on John Kerry's proposal to rescind tax cuts for the wealthy (Time)

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ALC Weekend: Friday

Friday morning I slept through my alarm and got to icespark’s later than planned to head to the Alternative Lifestyles Convergence. icespark was sleepy, too, so we decided to nap and not worry about missing the opening circle. When we got to Phoenix Farm, we set up out tent while half-listening to an interesting presentation on Native American rituals. Once we got the tent set up, we lay down inside it to rest, listening to a nearby class on Christianity and Sex.

The Christianity and Sex speaker had some good ideas, but as far as I was concerned didn’t take them far enough to a logical conclusion. He seemed to arrive where he wanted to be, and stopped. I suppose that’s fine for a religious outlook, but any time anyone claims to know the “true meaning” of the Bible (or any complicated text, really), it starts to sound less like a discussion and more like they are just pushing new dogma to replace the old.

At dinner we went up and bought some little pasta bowls, which we decided was a lot better option than trying to cook over a fire when we were already dying from the heat. We offered and received some hellos to various people, but beside Jadr and Luko (the organizers) there didn’t seem to be anyone there we knew.

After dinner we went to a dungeon etiquette intro, where icespark and I spotted J@\ and Toga, which made me happy. After the intro we went over and said Hi and got hugs from J@\. They’d spotted us earlier, but were waiting for us to come by and we must have missed them during our initial rounds of the circles (blue, green, rainbow, and red, depending on topic). We chatted a bit, then relaxed until the Midsummer Spiral Moon Dance and drum circle.

Midsummer Spiral Moon Dance was amazing. As the drums beat and cute pagans danced around the fire, lightning flashed on the horizon as stars continued to shine overhead. Thunder rolled in as the energy built around the bonfire, and as things grew to a crescendo, the clouds broke and rain poured down just long enough to cool us off and refresh those that were still chanting and dancing. As a sensual sensory event alone it was extremely cool.

At midnight there was a dungeon play party, but we were having so much fun just hanging out by the fire we mostly skipped it, and we discovered later most other people did as well. It sucked that the dungeon was closed during the day, since it was the only inside area with air conditioning, and if it didn’t have to compete with pretty fire I’m sure it would have been put to excellent use all weekend.

At the end of the night people started to break off in twos and threes and head to tents (or just the edge of the fire circle) for loud rambunctious outdoor sex. I was certainly in the mood to join in with icespark, but unfortunately I was still recovering from my vasectomy Monday, so we merely enjoyed the sights and sounds and then retired to our tent alone. We continued to hear moans and screams from outside, which icespark humorously suggested was the result of snakebites.

Friday night was pleasant because it gave icespark and I a chance to get away from daily stress and worries and just hang out as a couple. We didn’t really socialize that much at first, but just snuggling in the dark by the fire was amazing, and I loved just feeling close to her and happy. I was teased about not being able to play at “polysexfest,” but spending the weekend focusing on my love and relationship with icespark was wonderful and well worth it.

"If you are listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you are a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we're morons."
-- Alice Cooper (Newsweek)