June 8th, 2008

Birthday, Renew!, Logan's Run

Jero and Mika: Sunday Afternoon

• I had a fun afternoon Sunday. I woke up with a sexy naked Jero and Mika in my bed, and after Amsc arrived and got in the shower, Jero went down for a moment to tease me. When she stopped Mika took over, and rather just teasing me, made a serious effort to please me, thrusting her head down on my cock while I tried to be relatively quiet.

• Jero moved up to kiss me while Mika was going down on me, and I enjoyed making out with Jero while Mika sucked my dick. Mika stopped to move up to kiss me as well, and Jero took over tending to my happy erection. Jero’s wonderful mouth brought me even closer to climax as Mika kissed and snuggled me.

• The sound of the water in the bathroom stopped, and Jero stopped as well, smiling sweetly up at me with a half-mocking grin. I tried to store my raging erection out of the way by the time Amsc got out of the shower. I’d chastise Jero for being mean, but she’d given me so much pleasure I can’t really complain. B^)