February 26th, 2008

complaining, Huffer

Weekend Update

I had a long pleasant weekend that was productive and quiet. Friday night I went over to Mika’s apartment when I got off work. She cooked us dinner -- chicken stir fry (not tofu as she’d originally intended) and French-cut green beans with mushrooms, which were quite tasty. We sat on her couch and ate while watching Bones and House M.D. After we finished eating and watching TV we wound up going to bed pretty early, since I had to work Saturday morning.

Saturday I’d thought about trying to track down people I never get to see, but as the weekend approached I decided not to try chasing down people and overplanning, and to just go with the flow. After I got off work icespark and I had dinner, and then built a pillow fort and watched Angel season four. We’d wound up getting extra iced coffees from the coffee, so we stayed up until almost done finishing out the the rest of season. It was good to have a weekend night to just stay in and snuggle.

Sunday icespark and I planned to get up semi-early and go to Le Peep, but we wound up sleeping too late and went to IHOP instead. When we got back to my apartment, though, we set out of a day of productivity, so I took most of a four-hour online driving school I needed to take four points off my license (it was that or have it suspended), and icespark used the time to rearrange my living room and go through a lot of the boxes of crap that clutter up my apartment. I got a ton of laundry done, which icespark was sweet enough to fold and sort. Finally we went to bed and started Angel season five.

Monday I had off work, so icespark took off as well to spend more time with me and help me keep up the productivity streak. I finished the drivers’ course, painful as it was, and we snuggled and straightened a bit more before heading to her apartment, grabbing food on the way. At icespark’s on got on the MUX, and got some admin stuff done as well as roleplaying as Blaster, Dr. Greer, and Typhoon. Like the rest of the weekend, my night on the MUX was both fun and productive, and an excellent way to start the week.

Sir Warwick Harrow: “You didn't have to wound that man.”
Mal: “No, but it was funny.”