January 29th, 2008

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In the last 24 hours:
  • 11:33 Back in Indianapolis and trying to catch up on back LJ posts. Time to shower for work! #
  • 13:59 AT&T to employees: "We're archiving and sorting all of your email for legal reasons. Stop sending personal crap - we don't want to know!" #
  • 15:31 @stlrachelknits: yay productivity! #
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Family, Choice

Weekend with A13, Chhu, and Jalyru

I had a great time this weekend with A13, Chhu, and Jalyru. Saturday I wound up sleeping really late and missing a chance to go ice-skating with them, but I did make it down to dinner at Olive Garden. I always love hanging out with Chhu and Jalyru, and I hadn’t seen A13 in +forever+, so it was a really good time. After eating we went back to Jalyru’s, and pretty much spent the rest of the weekend hanging out, listening to music, playing karaoke games, and watching A13 DDR. Good times! I can’t wait for Chhu to move to Bloomington so I can hang out with the three of them more often.

[Jayne spits on knife sharpening stone]
Simon: "Could you not do that while we're -- ever?"
[Jayne spits on stone again]
-- Firefly