January 7th, 2008


Weekend Update

I had a very pleasant weekend, and although it wasn’t quite as exciting as it had been built up to be, I had a really good time hanging out with people both new and important to me. It started off rather satisfactorily when I got off work on Friday. I drove out to Illinois to see cassiopia, and arrived just after midnight her time.

I gave cassiopia some slightly belated New Year’s kisses, and then she made some tea and we snuggled up to start season two of Battlestar Gallactica. We watched one episode together, but by the second one cassiopia was falling asleep, so eventually we turned it off and planned to watch it again in the morning.

Saturday morning cassiopia and I woke up and then snuggled in bed with coffee to re-watch the Battlestar Gallactica cassiopia feel asleep during the night before. She stayed awake for this one, and we watched the next one as well, but before we had a chance to finish the disc, I had to leave to head back to Indianapolis.

I felt a little guilty since that meant she’d have to hold onto that Netflix disc until I could visit again, but icespark and I had plans that night and I didn’t want to stress icespark too much by being late. Of course, I wound up snuggling and standing around for almost an hour before I left, not wanting to go, so we probably COULD have watched that last episode, but then of course I still would have wound up delaying after that.

When I got back to Indy, icespark and I had a quick dinner, and then showered and got ready. We were going to a party out in the middle of nowhere, and lildomino and hotarugirl planned to join us there. I was looking forward to the party since there were supposed to be a lot of people there I seldom get to see.

The party itself wound up being a lot quieter than intended, with most people huddled out in the “smoker’s” garage all night. Still, it was good to see the people that were there, and to meet new people that are part of that friend group. We hung out for a while after lildomino and hotarugirl arrived, and we would up MST3King some bad sort-core porn the host had put on as a substitute for Disney. It was amusing and fun.

Sunday afternoon icespark and I wound up sleeping in deliciously and ridiculously late. lildomino and I were supposed to tattoo shop with hotarugirl, but ewysiwyg had invited us to go see Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street with her, so we decided to wait and go shopping after the movie. The film was great, and even though I thought I knew the story, there were still a few surprises. nissinirvani was there, which made me happy since I hadn’t seen her in ever, and I got to see B! and meet the new B3.

After the movie we hung out at Steak n Shake for a few hours, and then lildomino, hotarugirl and I headed out. We drove past a couple of tattoo places, but by this time on a Sunday night they were already closed, so hotarugirl decided to do some more research and contact a few places directly. We headed back to lildomino’s and snuggled on the couch, playing dueling laptops while half-watching police procedural TV shows.

lildomino then put in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which, as predicted, put both of them into a deep sleep. lildomino lasted longer than hotarugirl, but I still had to rouse them for major plot points. I woke them up for the ending, and then the three of us headed off to bed. The weeked wasn’t quite as action-packed as I thought it would be, but I got to see a lot of people I love and care about, so that made me very happy.

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