December 31st, 2007


2007 Year in Review

Two-thousand seven has been a good year for me. It started off very rocky, with all of my local major relationships in turmoil. Not all of my relationships survived the big shake-up, but those that did are a lot stronger and more stable as a result. With some people I had to tear down and rebuild from scratch to make something better and new. Those not willing to put in the effort I’ve found I’m much better without. I may miss the people I’ve lost, but my life is happier and more drama-free without them.

The relationship that required the most work breaking down and rebuilding was with icespark. It took the assistance of a professional counselor, but as a result our connection is better-off and stronger than it’s ever been. We still run into the occasional road bump, but it seems we now have the skills to deal with each problem quickly and relatively easily. I’m very happy we managed to work everything out.

My bond with lildomino has flourished primarily by finally being out from under the shadow and control of outside forces. Able to build and progress at our own pace, we scaled back at the beginning of the year, and then slowly built a very content and secure relationship from there. Even our standard old-geeks routine of snuggles and Star Trek makes me extremely pleased.

This year I’ve managed to reconnect with alanka like never before, and considering she lives eight hours away, we’ve gotten to see each other fairly often. We got to go camping together over Memorial Day weekend; she came to visit me here in Indianapolis for the very first time and meet a few of my friends; and over the holidays I got to drive up to Chicago and meet her family.

This year I also started dating cassiopia, who lives in Illinois. Although I really wasn’t looking for another relationship right now, I started talking with her on OKCupid, and once I met her I just couldn’t resist seeing her again. The distance has made it difficult for us to see each other as often as we’d like, but she’s important enough to me to continue making the effort until we find a good balance.

Unfortunately for me this year (but fortunately for her), lemur_lady finally managed to escape Indiana, and found a fresh job and a new place in Minnesota. I’d been dreading her moving away for months, but happily we’ve managed to stay in touch pretty well -- her visiting twice since then has certainly helped. I won’t get to see her again until March, but at least I know for sure she is well worth the wait. She seems happier in Minnesota, so for that I’m very glad.

Things between hotarugirl and I, which we intended at first to just be friendly, seem to be getting closer and more comfortable every time I see her. She plans to move to Indianapolis soon, which will have to be good for her (and her car!), since between dating lildomino and me lately she’s up here almost every weekend. I really can’t wait ‘til she moves up here, for both snuggles and RP!

I haven’t been able to see ona_tangent as much this year as we want to, but nonetheless through frequent communication I feel closer to her in many ways than I do to many of my friends who live here in Indy. I’m hoping in 2008 I’ll be able to visit her a bit more often, since I adore both her and her husband scottak, and definitely want to see more of them both.

Here’s to a happy, productive, and restful 2008! Happy New Year, everyone!