November 16th, 2007

Birthday, Renew!, Logan's Run

Week in Review

This week sucked at work, although personally things are going OK. Monday of course was the worst, once again proving my personal adage: the more fantastic the weekend, the suckier the Monday. lildomino and hotarugirl slept over Sunday night, and Monday morning all three of us wanted to blow off our responsibilities and just stay in bed together. We did the adult thing and got up and went our separate ways, but I regretted it the rest of the day. Work was shitty and stressful, and the MUX really wasn’t much better.

Tuesday was much improved. My job was still stressful, but afterward I escaped I brought takeout noodles to lildomino’s. We ate and then I gave her a backrub with her massager before going out with her to see Bee Movie. I expected the film to be awful, but watching it with lildomino was very entertaining. Afterward we got ice-cream at McDonald’s and went back to her house for snuggles and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We were tempted to stay up all night, but finally relented and went to sleep.

Work continued to be nerve-racking and unpleasant, but I got some good advice from elbanditorojo about how I could improve my numbers, and I talked to my manager as well, who acted as a good soundboard for the problems I’ve been having. After work Wednesday I went up to Muncie to see Gwde for her birthday, and we had a late dinner at Sunshine before going back to her place to cuddle and watch Family Guy. It was very good to see Gwde again.

Thursday night was supposed to be my recharge catch-up-with-correspondence night, but after a very pleasant dinner with icespark at IHOP, I got home and wound up embroiled in a long phone argument with my mother, who is still manic and incredibly frustrating to deal with. icespark called at just the wrong time and bore the brunt of my misguided irritation, but then ona_tangent called and helped calm things down a bit.

Birthday week continues tonight, as after work I’m driving to Illinois to see cassiopia for her birthday and spend the weekend with her. Since she lives far away, we seldom get enough time together, so I’m very much looking forward to two nights and two sleep-in days. Snuggly fun! Nerd plans include Battlestar Gallactica and sushi. W00t!

Overall lately my personal life has been amazingly good, even if I’ve been lacking in alone-time. I’ve enjoyed spending time with icespark, lildomino, and hotarugirl, and have gotten both one-on-one time with them, and getting out social time. Everyone seems to be getting along well, which is a trend I hope continues. =^)

Mal: “Ship like this, be with you until the day you die.”
Zoë: “That's because it's a deathtrap.”
- Firefly