October 21st, 2007

Chicago, Travel

St. Louis

I'm having a fun time in St. Louis. This morning icespark and I got up and went to a dress shop with her brother's fiancee so icespark could get measured for a bridesmaid dress. After that we picked up icespark's brother and had a very yummy lunch at Bellacino's, and then went back to their place.

icespark's brother and his fiancee left to go to a hay ride with the fiancee's family, and icespark and I grabbed a long nap before going to meet ona_tangent and scottack scottak for dinner. The four of us went out for fantastic Thai food, and then went to a comic book store to browse and shop.

After the shop closed, we headed to Steak N Shake for chatting and shakes. We hung out for a while, and then finally went back to ona_tangent and scottack scottak's so icespark and I could drive back to her brother's. It was great to see icespark's brother and to meet his fiancee, and to have a chance to hang out with ona_tangent and scottack scottak.