September 1st, 2007

complaining, Huffer

Week in Review

This week was another one that was somewhat busy and quiet at the same time. On Monday I went over to icespark’s to MUX, and had a good time even though I missed the end of colchek’s TP. People have been bugging me to end my Headman TP, so I’ll have to pick a day this week to run that with a few of my admin and our players. I plan to be on this Monday, and another day this week.

Tuesday I actually had no plans, which was bizarre, although good because I was still getting over being sick. Though I haven’t been contagious since Monday morning, my allergies have been trying to kill me all week. Since I’ve felt miserable, I just stayed home and got a few things done. I’ve been trying to read the Harry Potter books before I’m completely spoiled, so I read a bit, worked on journaling a bit, and otherwise just rested and drank a lot of tea.

Wednesday after work icespark picked me up and we went over to that_girl_lola and elbanditorojo’s. that_girl_lola and elbanditorojo are cleaning out one of their rooms and offered to give me one of their TVs, which I thought might look good in my living room. While we were there we got to play a fun card game that elbanditorojo had demo’d at gencon that icespark and I had been interested in, and it is rather entertaining. It might have to become a stable of future game days.

Thursday morning I got a message from my sister that my mom is manic again, and Chhu had to call emergency psyche services and spend two hours convincing Mom to commit herself. That night I again wound up with no plans, so icespark offered to feed me if I was interested after work. We met at IHOP and she bought me dinner. I told her I’d just be playing around on the computer again if she wanted to hang out, and so she came over after we finished eating. I had planned on working on the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m running for John, elbanditorojo, and her, but I started looking for a magazine and we wound up spending all night cleaning.

Friday I was still feeling sickly from allergies and stressed over the situation with my mother. cassiopia was planning to come see me, but she wasn’t feeling well, either, so she floated the idea of rescheduling. Still, we mutually decided to get together anyway, and just accept that neither of us was going to be at our best. I ordered pizza online, and it arrived the same time she did. We ate pizza, watched The Ref and snuggled, and overall it was a very pleasant, quiet night. I didn’t sleep well Friday night because of my allergies, but it was good having a cuddly woman in my bed, even if I was feeling too crappy to really enjoy the opportunity.

Saturday cassiopia and I got to sleep very late, which was wonderful. We went to Le Peep for breakfast, and then went to see Stardust at the theatre, which I rather enjoyed. cassiopia headed back to Illinois around seven so I could get together with Nada, but then Nada cancelled. I wound up with another night to myself, which I mostly squandered relaxing.

Tonight I plan to hang out with lildomino. We’d talked about attending the sky concert, but then we found out it was Saturday night instead of Sunday, and neither of us felt like venturing out. lildomino’s not feeling that great, either, so it’ll probably be another low-key night of hanging out and feeling like crap together. Not exactly the ideal four-day-weekend activity, but it’s probably good I didn’t make huge plans if I feel this lousy.

"I have always strenuously supported the right of every man to his own opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine. He who denies another this right makes a slave of himself to his present opinion, because he precludes himself the right of changing it."
-- Thomas Paine, 1783