August 24th, 2007

complaining, Huffer

Week in Review

This week was busy in the fact that I was recovering from a week away traveling and at gencon, and not busy in the fact that I kept my social engagements and interactions to a minimum (for me) while I caught up tried to catch up on everything. I still have people I need to call and email, but I got my gencon posts done at least, and caught up on a little of my back journaling, although admittedly not much.

Monday I finally got back on the MUX, after a week of being frustratingly aware of the irony of not being able to RP because I was busy at a gaming convention. colchek has been running an awesome TinyPlot that I got to participate in the beginning of, but then missed the rest because I’ve been AFK. Monday I was able to work my character back into the plot, although then of course the rest of the week I was too busy/tired to follow up on it.

Tuesday I went over to icespark’s since lemur_lady was supposed to come over for dinner and spend the night before her flight in the morning. lemur_lady wound up too delayed to have dinner with us, but I used the time to catch up on journaling, writing a lot of my gencon posts with icespark’s memory help. lemur_lady showed up late in the evening, but I got to steal some hugs and tuck her in to sleep, and then in the morning I woke up early and drove her to the airport to save her cab fare.

Wednesday night I stayed home to make phone calls. I hadn’t talked to Laat in quite a while, and on Tuesday she asked me to call her when I had a chance. So, since I was free Wednesday I set aside the time to call and catch up. She wound up inviting me down to Evansville this weekend, and we were both pretty surprised to discover I actually had time to take her up on it. So, when I leave work in ten minutes, I’ll be heading down to E’ville.

Last night we had a mini-game night at B!’s request. He missed the post-gencon Sunday game night, and wanted a chance to play Run for Your Life, Candyman!, which we had managed to grab right before the dealer’s room closed on Sunday and had a ball playing that night. It’s a vicious parody of Candyland, where you each play a gingerbread man desperate to escape Candyland, and willing to kill or maim any other gingerbread people in your way if necessary. Good times.

Tonight I get to hang out with Laat and her friends in Evansville, as I said, and with luck while I’m there I’ll get to see Urma and maybe hotarugirl if either of them are free. Sunday I’m coming back to go see a movie with lildomino before they close the drive-in, and if I get back early enough I plan to hide and relax, maybe with a game of Icewind Dale II. Either I’ll get time with my seldom-seen Evansville friends, or I’ll have time to hide and relax… either option sounds good.

Have an excellent weekend!