August 9th, 2007


Nice Week So Far ^_^

I had a wonderful day off Monday, and in the evening I drove down to Bloomington to see lemur_lady. We’d planned to get together a little earlier, but we both had more to do than we’d expected, so we put things off for an hour and then I headed down. When I got there we went to Noodle Town for yummy Chinese food, and then, surprise of surprises, we hung out in a book store. *grin* We stayed for a bit and I enjoyed the chai and quiet, and then we went back to lemur_lady’s to sleep and snuggle.

I enjoyed hanging out with lemur_lady as always, and I got a better handle on her moving plans as well. She plans to move the second week of September if she can secure employment by then, or as late as the first weekend of October if good jobs fail to materialize. She plans to have someone drive up with her, but if he can’t for any reason, I volunteered to be her driving partner as long as we can drive up on a Sunday/Monday when I usually have off work.

Tuesday night I didn’t have plans, so I decided to take the night to myself. Frequently I feel guilty when I do this, since there are so many people I put off already that I feel like I “should” try to make plans with people I never see. However, since I made plans this week with two people I haven’t seen for months or years, I felt justified taking one night to myself. I thought I’d do some journaling, but I got caught up in MUXing, which was a lot of fun nonetheless.

Last night I had plans to go visit Sasu in Bloomington, who I haven’t seen in a number of years. However, she wound up having to cancel, so I had a quick dinner with Sega at her workplace instead, and then sneaky took another night for me. Scandalous! Again, I planned to journal, and again, I got sucked into the MUX. The players there are just too damned entertaining! I meant to just pop on “for a moment” to see how Tuesday night’s plots ended, and stayed on ‘til almost 2 AM again. D’oh!

Tonight after work I plan to go with icespark to the state fair, which started last night. In the past we went with a big group, which was amusing, but a little annoying since everyone wanted to go in different directions at once. So, tonight I’m going with icespark, and Saturday I’m going to go back with lildomino. Friday night I get to have dinner with nissinirvani, which makes me very happy, even if it’s mostly just to return stuff lent to each other when we were dating way back when.

Ah, well. Must sleep. Lots of wandering around tonight at the State Fair. Sleep well, gentle readers.

Agent McGinnis: [coldly] “We are transferring you to a holding area until you can be retrieved.”
Simon: “Retrieved? By whom?”
Agent McGinnis: “People who want you alive. People not me.”
-- Firefly