March 2nd, 2007

complaining, Huffer

hotarugirl, icespark, and work stuff

Oy. Today’s been a crappy day at work, which is a shame, since I really had a pleasant day off with hotarugirl. She came up Wednesday night and met me after her dinner date with whitelighter69. Between driving up to Indy, enjoying multiple social engagement, and drinking lots and lots of coffee, she was twired (tired and wired - our new word for the day). She and I caught up, hung out, snuggled, and watched The Venture Bros. before cuddling up and falling asleep.

Thursday morning hotarugirl went with me to drop my car off at Car Max to have my windshield wiper motor replaced. We had breakfast at Bob Evans and then went back to my place for more sex, snuggling and talking. After a very nice day together, we went over to icespark’s, who made us her soon-to-be-world-famous Philly cheesesteak pasta for dinner. After dinner we played 90’s Trivia Pursuit, which was a lot more fun than our sad attempt at 80’s Trivial Pursuit last game day.

After hotarugirl left to head back to Evansville, icespark and I snuggled and watched BSG. This morning we had to wake up early so icespark could drive me to Car Max to pick up a rental car for this weekend, since they ordered the wrong motor and now won’t have my car done ‘til Monday. I got to work a few minutes late, and stupidly turned down E-time since I’m trying to save money. Naturally, since I stayed, work has been hellish and all I can think about is the fact that I could have left at four if I’d wanted to. Ugh!

One interesting thing about work is that as of next week I’ve been
moved to a different sub-department here in RCMAC. I used to work with new orders -- now I'll be dealing with repair/trouble issues. For a month at least I'll get my weekends back, which is good, although I'll have to come into work a lot earlier, which will take some getting used to. I'll spend March on a training schedule from 7:30 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Not sure what my new repair RCMAC schedule will be after that, although it’s possible I’ll wind up working Saturday AND Sunday. As I said: Oy.

Tonight I get to hang out with lildomino again, which will be fun and relaxing. We were thinking of going out to see Zodiac, but now it looks like we’re just going to stay home, cuddle up, and watch DVDs, which is just fine with me.

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