February 10th, 2007

complaining, Huffer

Because lemur_lady said so...

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"We cannot simply suspend or restrict civil liberties until the war on terror is over, because the war on terror is unlikely ever to be truly over. Sept. 11, 2001, already a day of immeasurable tragedy, cannot be the day liberty perished in this country."
-- Judge Gerald Tjoflat, Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Columbus, Georgia

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complaining, Huffer

Grand Night with lemur_lady

Last night I had a very pleasant date with lemur_lady. I took two hours of paid personal time from work so I can get down there early enough to have dinner with her and meet S(, another member of lemur_lady’s man-harem (I got to meet G- last month at a party.) I actually managed to get to lemur_lady’s a little early (*gasp*), so I got to hang out with her a bit before we headed out to dinner. We went to the Trojan Horse, where there was quite a wait, but at least it gave S( time to join us before we went up and got a booth.

lemur_lady was nervous about two more of her lovers meeting, but S( and I seemed to get along. Like G-, he’s cute and funny – I guess I could be intimidated by how attractive lemur_lady’s other lovers are, but instead I’ll choose to assume she just has good taste overall. >B^) Although the three of us were a quiet bunch overall, we exchanged some amusing stories and enjoyed our Greek food before lemur_lady and I had to head off to see the Windfall Dancers' Arabian Nights. I snuck up and bought tickets while lemur_lady said goodnight to S(, and then when she joined me we went in and got seats.

Turns out that danielmc was there and was kind enough to save seats for us, so we sat with him and some of his friends, and caught up a little before she_oft_sings’s dance group started their performance. The presentation was wonderful, and more elaborate than other Windfall shows I’ve seen. This time they danced to live music by a duo called Salaam, and at one point they were joined by the belly dancers Okyia del Fuego.

We wholly enjoyed the experience, and after giving she_oft_sings a congratulatory hug, we went back to lemur_lady’s house happy and impressed. We snuggled on the couch and she knitted while we re-watched the “Mumfar’s Dance of Joy” episode of Angel (and the episode before it), and then finally we headed to bed for magnificent sex and warm cuddles. It was a fantastic evening, and great to finally meet S( and to spend more time with lemur_lady.

"I must say that i’m surprised (and most of the world with me actually) that Bush got a second term. Seriously, would he have to rape kittens to get kicked out of office?"
-- Mateusz Pozar, Sweden